Monday, July 27, 2015

OwlCrate Bookish Subscription Box -- Review of July's "Friendship" Box

You may have noticed that I reviewed the OwlCrate April & May box but skipped right on by the June one. Sadly, I had to skip the June box because Murphy kitty was sick and... well... I had a ginormous vet bill that took priority. EVERYTHING was put on hold in June. So yeah. You know how it goes. Life stuff. But hey, things are slowly getting back on track and now I have July's OwlCrate box to share with you. The theme is "Friendship" and this box is packed with super fun bookish and friendly finds! Shall we?

And yes, Joe wants to model the box once again...

So if you haven't read my other reviews and don't know what an OwlCrate is... it's a monthly subscription box with a bookish theme. Each month is a surprise -- but you do get to know what the theme is in advance. It does include a new release hardcover book (YA). They are a brand new business (started in March of 2015 and it kind of exploded in popularity). They are Canadian (and honestly, the cutest couple ever!), based in Vancouver. Each box is carefully curated to fit the theme and you can tell they select each item carefully, it's not just a bunch of random junk thrown in a box. I really love that they take the time to really think about what goes into it. They like to work with other small business like Etsy artisans and promote them as well. I feel I'm getting my money's worth for sure!
Speaking of money, how much does it cost? Well, it depends on where you live because shipping prices vary. Even though they are based in Canada, their prices are in US$ (simply the default of the e-commerce vendor they use, nothing personal!). It also depends on whether you pay monthly or in 3-month or 6-month instalments (it's cheaper if you buy more months at a time). I pay monthly ($29.99) and shipping within Canada is $10.59 (remember, this is in USD). In the end, depending on the exchange rate when I'm billed (they do billing on the first of the month) it comes out to around $50-52CND. It would be cheaper to buy the 3-or6-months at a time but I can't afford that right now!

Anyway, onto the July box goodies!!!

I always love the presentation cards that come in the boxes, they are always so pretty and well-designed! The colours are always bright and suited to the theme (again, this month is "Friendship"). 



A bookmark/info thingy from OwlCrate about their Postcard Party (I totally forgot to take a photo of the other side -- sorry!!!) -- but join in!!! Mail in a postcard!!! You could win a 3 month subscription to OwlCrate! I'm totally doing this! I think it's an awesome idea and I hope they post photos of the all the postcards they get on their Instagram!

Oh! What is this! Pink organza bag... ;)

Stamped metal bracelet from Show Pony on StoreEnvy! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! <3 <3 <3
(Harry Potter Forever!!)

Up next... Book Buddies Writable Adhesive Flags "Observant Owls". SO cute & very fitting considering... owls... OwlCrate... buddies... "friendship" theme... *harhar*... These are by Girl Of All Work. I don't write in books or fold down page corners (neither do you *frown*) and I just ordered a brand new planner so these are absolutely perfect! Yay! 
I guess they sent out 2 versions, the others were kitties which would have been cool considering I'm kind of a crazy cat lady but I like that I got the owls instead. :)

Up next is something I NEVER would have guessed in a million years... a very cool book of "Super Awesome Postcards: 30 Postcards Guaranteed Super Awesome!" by Archie McPhee.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought maybe it was a box or something but then I removed the plastic and was VERY impressed with the presentation of the postcards (I'm a sucker for fancy packaging! Details are very important to me!). It is a trifold book with very heavy paper, almost cardboard. The postcards form the book in the centre. It is going to be heartbreaking to remove the postcards because I feel like I'm going to kill the book! I don't want to kill the book!

Oooh! The main event! The book! "The Night We Said Yes" by Lauren Gibaldi. I absolutely love digging into new authors and I am so excited for this one. It's a perfect summer read and I wish I could start right now but I'm in the middle of another that I need to finish first. I will link you to the Goodreads page for this book so you can read up about it (and add it to your list!!!). Lauren Gibaldi is also on Instagram and is a total sweetheart! But yay! for new reads! 

Oh... and big news... big secret (or not so secret!)... someone is starting a book blog (and YouTube channel)... who could that be I wonder?? ;) It's going to be kind of a big deal too. Hehe. 

And look! Book swag! Who doesn't love book swag! I absolutely do! It makes me feel like I'm part of some special insider secret club or something. Like you can nod and wink at other people because you know and they know and no one else knows. Or something like that. But yeah. Book swag. ;)
(it's a button/pin)

Not sure if this stuff counts as "swag" but I always LOVE getting it and OwlCrate always includes it with the books (which, btw, are always nicely wrapped in cellophane -- I didn't show that, sorry -- which I love because the books arrive in pristine condition & who doesn't love getting a perfect book?!). A signed bookplate sticker and a bookmark. :)

And finally Joe kitty deciding he wants to claim ALL the OwlCrate goodies for himself. Seriously, he kept trying to grab stuff as I was arranging it on my bed to take this photo! Uh, no kitty, all of this is for ME! Ha!

So yeah, this was the July "Friendship" themed OwlCrate. Did you like it?? I certainly did and I can't wait to get into Lauren's book!! Can I call her Lauren? I hope so. I like her already! :) And I love the bracelet (thank you Show Pony!) and those super cute little owl stickies will end up in all kinds of crazy places! And I'm sorry but I don't think I can kill the postcard book, it's just too cool!! BUT I will absolutely be sending off some postcards to OwlCrate's Postcard Party and try to win a 3-month subscription (you should too!!! DO IT!!!).

Anyway, if you want more info on OwlCrate, please go check out their website, peek at their Instagram or go see their Facebook. You will likely fall in love with them as much as I did. I do believe they are on a waitlist situation with their subscription service right now so you can get on the list and pray a spot opens up. :)

OH! And the theme for next month's box is... *drumroll* (okay, imagine a drumroll then *sigh*).... "Mystery"!!!!

NB: I purchased this subscription box myself. I have no affiliation with the subscription service or any of the product makers, authors or anyone/anything associated with the box whatsoever.


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