Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Picture Polish - Watermelon

So I'm finally starting to relax after the whole sick kitty situation. Murphy came home from the vet a few weeks ago after having spent 12 days in hospital. I have been watching him like a hawk and super paranoid he was going to reblock (didn't help that as we were literally walking out the door with him the vet said she wasn't confident and felt he would reblock again very soon -- WTF?! why did she say that?! Why was she letting me bring him home!? Argh!!!). Fortunately, it's been a few weeks and he hasn't reblocked and he's doing ok. We tried to give him the prescription food but he wants nothing to do with it. He did like *one* of the brands but then promptly started itching all over like he had fleas or something so I threw it away (plus the ingredients are CRAP -- full of by-products and fillers, ew). I went back to his old canned food (Wellness), adding water to it and NO dry food. He's pretty happy with that, though we're still working out a feeding schedule that makes him happy. 

We also tried one of those Feliway plug-in thingies to keep the kitty fights down. I had it plugged in for 3 weeks. This is where it gets weird. Around the same time we got it I developed a cough. I assumed the kitty stress and my not eating much resulted in me picking up a cold or something since it seemed like everyone was sick. I normally have a VERY strong immune system (after working as a nurse in critical care, I never get sick!) so I thought it was weird but whatever. I had no other symptoms, just this stupid tickle cough -- but sometimes it would be really, really bad and hard to breathe. It wasn't getting better over the 3 weeks and I was confused about why I couldn't seem to shake it. Then I realized, it is the stupid Feliway plug-in! I'm one of those people who are sensitive to EVERYTHING. So yeah, even though it's supposed to be 100% safe for people, we unplugged it and my cough is going away. :/ It's still there a bit though, I think I have to wash down the area around where it was plugged in with soapy water since it leaves this oily residue. 

Anyway, kitty is home and doing better and I'm slowly getting back to normal! I did my nails today for the first time in forever and was inspired by a recent indulgence in one of my fav summer foods -- watermelon!! <3

I honestly have no idea when this shade was originally created by the lovelies over at piCture pOlish but I'm loving it. I'm not a fan of pinks, nor of bright colours, but hey, it's Wednesday and EVERYONE knows, "On Wednesday we wear pink!". Duh.

More importantly, I was eating the above watermelon the other day (in a desperate attempt to cure myself of this stupid cough/asthma issue because I honestly believe that watermelon cures just about everything). I remembered I had received the shade "Watermelon" by piCture pOlish in my Nail Polish Canada giveaway box last year and had yet to use it. So naturally, I had to go grab it and give it a whirl because hey, why not? It's a yummy pinky salmony coral-y bubble-gummy kind of pink that a lot of people could wear. I like it. :)

(actually it's exactly the same colour as my dental night guard container but no one wants to see that! shhh!)

I was absolutely surprised at how much I LOVE this colour! It is really bright, but not. If that makes any sense. It seems bright under certain light but then less bright under others. It's one of those shades that seems like it could be too much but then it's not so you could totally get away with it in more conservative situations (like at work) unless you had super long nails (I just cut mine back since Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up next week, but that's another post!!). 

I used 2 coats of polish for this mani (definitely NOT a one-coat polish) -- I almost had to do 3 but got away with 2 careful coats. It was self-levelling nicely and dried shiny but I added a layer of Seche Vite because... well... I like the extra shiny (& I want it to last a bit longer). :)

Under LED desk lamp.

No macro because it's just a creme and there is really nothing to see! :p

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outside, bright daylight (no direct sun).

I think if I had to go with one pink polish to wear this summer, it would be this. It's a very richly saturated, bright (but not too bright) pink that is very wearable by women of different ages and skin tones. Plus it's fun!

Where to buy? "Watermelon" by piCture pOlish is available from a number of online retailers. You can check their website for a list of distributors local to you. In Canada, try Nail Polish Canada and Harlow & Co. In the USA, try Llarowe

NB: I won this polish as part of a larger giveaway from Nail Polish Canada. I have NO affiliation whatsoever with the polish maker or websites discussed in this post.

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