Saturday, January 31, 2015

28 Days of Red?? The Anti-50 Shades Of Grey Mani Challenge!

Ok. So I haven't done a polish challenge in a while so I was thinking about what I could do for February since it starts tomorrow. All I'm seeing around these days is 50 Shades of Grey-themed collections (understandably since the film is coming out). I loathe the books and could care less about the stupid movie, so the last thing I want is 28 Days of Grey (though to be fair I love grey polish!). I decided instead to do 28 Days of Red! I love red polish (it's my fav). Valentine's Day is mid-month. I have more than 28 red polishes. I've never done a single-colour challenge (has anyone?). So yeah, I'm doing it!

And yes, I KNOW that "28 Days Of Red" sounds like a menstrual cycle gone awry, it can't be helped. LOL

Here's the challenge list (even though it's the same colour, gotta have a list!)

- ONLY red polish
- I will only use/post polishes I haven't previously posted on my blog/Instagram
- I will post on blog/IG daily
- Stamping is ok but the base colour must be red and the dominant colour in the mani
- I will use the tag #28DaysOfRed on Instagram

I'm hoping I don't get bored! February is a short month so I think it will be ok. :)
Since this is a unique challenge and probably NOT most people's cup of tea, I am expecting this to be a solo challenge (which is totally cool!). But if you're up for it, let me know!

Yay! I'm excited!

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