Monday, December 01, 2014

December 1st means... Advent Calendars!!! YAY!

Wow! It's been forever! But I have news and goodies!

  • I finished my NaNoWriMo novel with 52,638 words in 21 days. I didn't do the full 30 days, I hit my target on November 27th. I skipped a bunch of days throughout November because of migraines but was careful to make up my word count on my active days. I finished early on purpose so I could spend this past weekend celebrating my birthday and decorating for Christmas and stuff without having to worry about word counts and such. So yeah, I wrote a novel in 21 days! I need to go back and edit/polish things -- I'll do that probably in January after the holidays. It was my first year doing NaNoWriMo and it was a blast! I've never written anything before aside from academic essays so it was kind of a big deal. I had NO PLAN at all, just one scene and 2 characters on Day 1. I just kinda watched as the characters and story unfolded in my mind and did my best to write down what I saw. The crazy thing is, the story is pretty good! It just developed naturally. I'm kind of proud of it. :)
  • I turned 42 on Saturday. How crazy is that?! It kinda sneaks up on you. Luckily I was born with good genes and don't look my age. The number itself totally doesn't bother me at all. So what if I'm 42?? I don't feel "old". Even if I did, I wouldn't care. It's all part of life. I have no desire to chase youth or be younger.
  • I have several Advent Calendars to share with you. These were the only ones I could get my hands on without going totally broke (I do have to buy gifts for other people LOL). Advents are slowly gaining momentum in Canada but not as crazy/popular as they are in the UK. Hopefully there will be even more next year!
OK. Here are my seven Advents (Ciate, colouring, DavidsTea, Hard Candy nails, Hard Candy beauty, Lindt, and the Body Shop). I will be opening/posting about the contents each day. No worries, they will be hidden so no spoilers unless you want to peek. :)

DAY 1 of each Advent after the jump (NB: The Ciate one will be shown but the mani for this polish will be in a second post!). Oh, and this is VERY picture heavy!!
First up, colouring advent! I bought it from Chapters Indigo for around $10-11. It's hardcover and has a sparkly sheen to it that didn't show up on camera (*boo*). This is what it looks like (after today I will just show the daily image in the daily posts).

It is hardcover and opens up twice. Here is the front cover.

Back cover.

When you open it you see this. All hardcover, no thin pages. You can colour all the ornaments and stuff. :)

Fully opened. Hard to see the little "doors" but they are there and are numbered. You can colour the outside & inside the door. Behind each door is a hidden holiday scene.

Day 1 (door, uncoloured). :)

Day 1 (coloured).

Day 1 behind the door (uncoloured).

Day 1 inside door (coloured).

Okay, onto DavidsTea! This was a crazy in-demand advent and I'm lucky I was able to get mine when they were first released at the beginning of November! Retail is $34.50. Each day contains a small tin of loose tea with instructions on how to brew. Ingredients are listed on the back of the calendar.

Day 1, Forever Nuts. :)

A good sized metal tin with a screw-top lid. Some people said they had trouble opening it, but mine opened easily. I'm going to use the empty tins for tea-flavoured lip balm!

The underside of the tea tin.

It brewed up pink! It tastes soo good!! <3

Next up are the Hard Candy calendars. These are each 12 days and I'm going to alternate opening from now through Christmas. These are exclusive to Walmart (I never shop there, I don't like the store) and have never tried this brand before. I've read good things though! These calendars were $9 each.

I started with the 12 Days of Beauty one (tomorrow I'll open Day 1 of 12 Days of Nails and alternate each day). I LOVE that this calendar goes in order from 1-12!! Most advents have the numbers scrambled all over the place & my OCD brain hates that!

Day 1 is a mini Walk The Line liquid eyeliner! I love liquid eyeliner! :)

It's richly saturated and it stayed on my hand until I washed my hands. It came off with water and a lot of rubbing but didn't cleanly come off until I used soap. It was slow to dry but didn't rub off my hand for the few hours it was there.

Lindt! Gotta have a Lindt advent for the holidays! Nothing fancy here. I think this calendar was around $10.
This is Day 1.

 The Body Shop. This was sold out a few times but I managed to snag one. I was going to skip it because I rarely shop at the Body Shop because they put lanolin in so many of their products, but I checked the ingredients on each item in the calendar and everything is lanolin-free (I have a wicked allergy, my skin cracks open and bleeds/oozes/burns, it's gross!).
This calendar is very heavy and very large! It was $50.

Here's Day 1. Almond hand and nail creme. It smells good and is moisturizing. I think I still like my L'Occtane ones better though as I prefer a thicker creme (this one was on the thinner side).

 And finally, the Ciaté Mini Mani Manor polish Advent. I think it was around $72 at Sephora.

Front cover.

Back cover.


Day 1, Kiss Chase. Kinda reminds me of Butter London's Pout Trout.

See the separate post for the mani pics of this polish!!

Each day this month I'll just do a quick post with pics of that day's treat. I won't post pics of the covers and stuff. I just wanted to do that for this intro post. And I'll try to do a mani post for all the different polishes. Holidays get crazy though!

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