Friday, December 12, 2014


So I've been super busy with holiday stuff and not able to post daily as I had anticipated. :(
I have been posting daily advent photos and the odd manis and stuff on my Instagram (username=miss_tina) so you can check out the photos there (you don't need an Instagram account to view the photos, I don't think, only to comment or "like" them. I could be wrong?).

December is just wacky with lots of stuff to do so I imagine my posts will be sparse over the next few weeks. BUT in January I am planning another mani challenge!! I haven't finalized it yet but I'm thinking another Julep month? I have so many more Julep polishes that I need to use. Though I might just do an untried-polish month instead. I'm not sure. I WILL post all the details here when I do finalize it and if anyone wants to join me, I would love the company! January is kind of quiet as people settle down after the holidays, a mani challenge might be perfect. :)

Other than this, nothing new. I've haven't been writing or editing, sadly. I've been shopping but not much fun stuff for me -- mostly gifts for other people. I've been keeping sane with London Fog tea lattes and lots of deep breathing. I love Christmas, don't get me wrong, I just get somewhat overstimulated with all the sensory input (I'm super sensitive to stuff like that, my brain just processes everything at a fast/high rate so what's "normal" to you is "way too much" for me, so Christmas is just sensory overload and I don't cope well at all, lots of panic attacks and sometimes even vomiting, it's ridiculous).

I still have a few things to buy and I'm dreading it. I hate shopping on a good day, at Christmas it's quite the nightmare. Tempted to just order online and cross fingers that it gets here on time!

Ok. I think that's it. Regular posting of lovely and beautiful things to resume shortly! In the meantime, do check out my Instagram since I am posting things daily there.


Monday, December 01, 2014

Ciaté Day 1 Advent Calendar polish -- Kiss Chase

This year I'm going to try and keep up with the polishes in the Advent calendars. We'll see how it goes!

The first polish in the Ciaté 2014 Mini Mani Manor Advent calendar is called "Kiss Chase". It's a coral-leaning pink that kind of reminds me of Butter London's "Trout Pout".

December 1st means... Advent Calendars!!! YAY!

Wow! It's been forever! But I have news and goodies!

  • I finished my NaNoWriMo novel with 52,638 words in 21 days. I didn't do the full 30 days, I hit my target on November 27th. I skipped a bunch of days throughout November because of migraines but was careful to make up my word count on my active days. I finished early on purpose so I could spend this past weekend celebrating my birthday and decorating for Christmas and stuff without having to worry about word counts and such. So yeah, I wrote a novel in 21 days! I need to go back and edit/polish things -- I'll do that probably in January after the holidays. It was my first year doing NaNoWriMo and it was a blast! I've never written anything before aside from academic essays so it was kind of a big deal. I had NO PLAN at all, just one scene and 2 characters on Day 1. I just kinda watched as the characters and story unfolded in my mind and did my best to write down what I saw. The crazy thing is, the story is pretty good! It just developed naturally. I'm kind of proud of it. :)
  • I turned 42 on Saturday. How crazy is that?! It kinda sneaks up on you. Luckily I was born with good genes and don't look my age. The number itself totally doesn't bother me at all. So what if I'm 42?? I don't feel "old". Even if I did, I wouldn't care. It's all part of life. I have no desire to chase youth or be younger.
  • I have several Advent Calendars to share with you. These were the only ones I could get my hands on without going totally broke (I do have to buy gifts for other people LOL). Advents are slowly gaining momentum in Canada but not as crazy/popular as they are in the UK. Hopefully there will be even more next year!
OK. Here are my seven Advents (Ciate, colouring, DavidsTea, Hard Candy nails, Hard Candy beauty, Lindt, and the Body Shop). I will be opening/posting about the contents each day. No worries, they will be hidden so no spoilers unless you want to peek. :)

DAY 1 of each Advent after the jump (NB: The Ciate one will be shown but the mani for this polish will be in a second post!). Oh, and this is VERY picture heavy!!