Friday, October 24, 2014

October's Amazing Autumn Mani Challenge! Day 24: Wool Socks

Ok. I think I took this one a bit literally -- wooly socks are fun! -- and the final results just make me laugh! I had a bit too much caffeine (1 piece of Awake Chocolate and 1/2 of a Diet Coke, I'm SUPER sensitive to caffeine!) and was jittery/shaking when I did this so it's kinda messy... but it's still funny!

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For this mani I used 3 polishes & a matte topcoat. The grey is 2 coats of Julep's "Erin" from the September Art Walk Collection (2014). The white is one coat of OPI's "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" from the 2012 Spiderman Collection (best white ever!). The red is a striping polish by Art Club called "Red On Red". I used one coat Butter London's Matte topcoat to finish. It smudged the red a bit even though the red was dry, which was kind of annoying. And my lines aren't perfect. But like I said, I was jittery from too much caffeine and was trying to finish the mani so I could go eat something and calm down a bit!

Under LED desk lamp.

Indoors, bright daylight, near windows.

Under LED desk lamp.

Overall I love how this turned out. Kinda funny & goofy! The socks are actually cotton (I'm allergic to wool!) but close enough. I might do it the other way (grey near the tip and white/red near cuticle?) next time to see how that would look. I like the matte topcoat. I wanted to use the matte topcoat to stamp a knitted pattern on top but I wasn't sure how that would turn out and I was all kinds of wired. Blah.

Where to buy?? Julep polishes can be purchased from their website (with or without a subscription) & some shades from Sephora (online and in store). OPI polishes are widely available at salons and beauty supply shops. Art Club striping polishes are owned by Color Club and can be found in beauty supply shops and online from a large number of websites. Butter London is also widely available both online and in some stores.
The socks are from Target, I think? The heart ring is from Tiffany & Co (I get this question a lot!).

NB: I purchased all these items. I have NO affiliation whatsoever with the polish/product makers or websites discussed in this post.

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