Sunday, October 19, 2014

October's Amazing Autumn Mani Challenge! Day 19: Plaid PJ's - Picture Polish "Shocked"

This one is pretty fun for me since I'm nearly always clad in plaid pj's when I'm at home. Yes, I ALWAYS wear pyjamas at home, all day/all night. Why? Because it's comfy! And because I have cats and who wants to get kitty fur on your "outside" clothes?? I find outside clothes too binding and jammies way more comfy so yeah, that's what I do. I hate it when I see on tv people wearing outside clothes, and even shoes, indoors. Seems strange to me. Why do you need to wear shoes in the house??

(want to know more about this mani challenge & maybe jump in?? Click here!)

Anyway, I attempted to emulate a specific pair of plaid jammie bottoms and this is how it turned out!

Not exactly the same but I wanted to keep it simple!

I used "Shocked" -- a blogger collaboration creation by piCture pOlish & Shatter Me Claire (you can read about how she came up with this shade here). It's a bright magenta jelly packed with holographic glitter and came out with the piCture pOlish blogger collaboration collection in 2013. This brand is 5-free, cruelty-free, and vegan (yay!). I used 2 coats of "Shocked" before stamping with Konad's black stamping polish and Konad's M60 stamping plate. I topped with Seche Vite (not 3-free but it is cruelty-free and vegan). I'll show you pics of what "Shocked" looked like before stamping (no topcoat).

Oh, and my stamping is a mess. I should've used a squishy stamper but went with a firm one. Grr.

No stamping & no topcoat, under LED lamp.

No stamping or topcoat, macro under LED lamp.

After stamping, under LED light.

Macro under LED light.

Indoors, bright cloudy daylight (no sun), near windows.

Outside, bright cloudy day (no sun).

Meh, clouds. :(

Indoors, under halogen track lighting in kitchen.

Konad M60 stamping plate.

Overall, I think the mani is pretty cute. I should have used a squishy stamper, that much is clear. I love the "Shocked" polish, even though I'm not a huge pink fan. I think it's a nice dark pink though and the holographic shimmer makes it extra pretty. :)

Where to buy?? You can purchase piCture pOlish from their website. A number of international stockists also carry their polishes (check their site for details). In North America you can buy them from Nail Polish Canada, Harlow & Co, and Llarowe. Konad stamping polish and plates are easy enough to find online, I bought mine at Nail Polish Canada.

NB: I won the feature polish ("Shocked") in a giveaway hosted by Nail Polish Canada. As piCture pOlish was one of the contest sponsors, I am very grateful for their generosity. This polish was NOT given to me in exchange for a review. The other items I purchased myself. I have NO affiliation whatsoever with the polish/product makers or websites discussed in this post.

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