Friday, October 17, 2014

October's Amazing Autumn Mani Challenge! Day 16: Naptime - Ciaté's Chinchilla

Yes, this post is a day late. Yesterday was all kinds of madness. But there will be 2 posts today! Woo!

For Day 16, "nap time" (dusty blue) I selected Ciaté's "Chinchilla". This was a tricky one because I LOVE dusty blue shades and have a million of them, but wanted to use an untried polish. So this is a new one for me! :)

Want to know more about this mani challenge & maybe jump in?? Click here!

Ostrich pillow, I totally want one. I'm not kidding. I want it.

I'm not gonna lie, this polish was a bugger to work with! I'm not sure if it was the polish or the brush on the mini or what but it was streaking, not self-leveling and overall just annoying. I have a feeling it's because of the tiny brush on the mini.

In looking up info about this polish maker I learned that Ciaté is actually an acronym for Colour, Innovation, Aspiration, Trend, & Extraordinary. Wow! I had no idea. Is this common knowledge?? 
Ciaté is a UK-based brand that is 3-free, cruelty-free but not all the shades are vegan (some are, some are not). This shade, "Chinchilla" is described as a "cloudy blue-grey". Why mini? Because it came in the 2013 holiday advent calendar last year. You can purchase a full-size bottle of this shade (details at the end).

I went with 3 coats of this polish but like I said, it was a pain in the ass to get smooth. Maybe it needs a drop of thinner or a different brush, I don't know. It's a gorgeous colour but it was very frustrating to work with. I topped with Seche Vite (NOT 3-free but it is cruelty-free and vegan). 

Under LED desk lamp.

Indoors, bright (but cloudy day), near windows.

Outside, bright (but cloudy) light.

Stupid clouds! This is October though, clouds nearly every single day.

Overall, I love the colour but not so sure about the polish itself. Maybe add a drop of thinner? Try the Julep Plié Wand & Precision Brush (better brush)? I dunno! It would be a shame to never wear this polish just because of a stupid brush. :/

Where to buy it?? Like I said earlier, I got this mini in the Ciaté 2013 Holiday Advent Calendar thingy, from Sephora (online, but they have them in store too). I don't think the 2014 Holiday Advent Calendar thingy has this shade, they switch things up year-to-year. BUT, you can purchase full-size Ciaté polishes from Sephora (online and in-store), as well as the Ciaté website.

NB: I purchased this polish myself. I have NO affiliation whatsoever with the polish maker or websites discussed in this post.

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  1. Shame it was such hard work, as it's such a lovely shade. I live on the UK and had no idea Ciate was an acronym for anything!