Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Nail Polish Canada Polish Prize -- It's Here!!

Ok, so several weeks ago I won Nail Polish Canada's Great Polish Giveaway 2014! Since then I've been waiting patiently (or trying to be as patient as possible!) for the prize package to arrive (200 polishes!!). Well, today was the day!

(videos & photos after the jump!!)

I didn't sleep much last night and was stalking the UPS guy like a tiger ready to pounce. I live in a large condo building and informed my lovely concierge that I was expecting this particular package and don't let the guy leave without dropping it off (I was so afraid of getting that "attempted delivery" sticker!). She was sweet enough to call up to me when it arrived. I even had to use a little flatbed dolly to get the box upstairs. LOL!! 27 lbs of awesomeness! :D

I expected to cry but didn't (though I did cry when NPC emailed me to say I won!). I was more stunned than anything. I mean, I knew what I was getting and that it was a big deal -- but until it was here, I didn't realize just how crazy and massive this was!

I made 3 videos in total (I'll link them here) and took a bunch of photos. I had a lot of requests for these which is why I am posting them.

This first video was my attempt at an unboxing video, though I quickly realized that was not very realistic!

The second video I explain my next plan of attack!

The third video is after unboxing and lining up the prize for you to see.

I also took some photos before, during, after… here they are!

The box!

The box after opening, even Murphy looks impressed!

This is gonna take a while!

Murphy decided to micromanage things. Poser.

Seriously kitty?!

Yay!!! Thank you NPC!! And Cirque Colors, piCture pOlish, NCLA -- and all the contributing bloggers!! <3 <3 <3

Uhh… kitty get out!

Apparently I wasn't unwrapping them fast enough so Murphy decided to "help".

Are we there yet?? Nope, not even halfway!

The growing pile of bubble wrap on my floor. The kitties were remarkably uninterested in this pile!

Ta da! All done and lined up! My juicer on the end there was too heavy to move, so it gets to be in all the pictures. :)

I DID keep the bubble wrap to use later and I put all the polishes into the big box grouped by brand. I need a trip to IKEA!!

Yay!!! So happy & grateful!!

Final thoughts?? I'm pooped! I think my adrenaline wore off and now I'm falling out of my chair! As I've mentioned a million times, I cannot thank Nail Polish Canada or the sponsors (Cirque Colors, piCture pOlish, NCLA) enough for their generosity!! This has absolutely blown my mind.

I have no idea how long it must have taken NPC to package this up -- but they did a good job, there were no casualties in transit!

If you want to see the list of polishes I received, click here. There were a handful of substitutions because of backorders. Let me know if you want that info.

I've been asked a million times, what am I going to do with the dupes (duplicate polishes that I already have) -- a few I am keeping because I LOVE them and want backups, a few are headed to my family, and the rest will be part of a few Random Acts of Kindness that I am sending to a few ladies I know would appreciate something special but are having a difficult time and don't treat themselves as often as they should.

I will be using as many of these polishes as I can with October's mani challenge -- I really wish I could post today but it's almost 9pm and I have yet to eat dinner! I will do 2 manis tomorrow to make up for it (I think I have a good excuse though!).

Wow! I think that's it! I'm off to eat dinner and get some sleep. Thanks again!! <3


  1. That box is huge!! So glad it went to someone who appreciates it! Enjoy!

    1. Aww… thank you!! I definitely DO appreciate it! And the box was massive. I used a flatbed dolly to get it up to my apartment. LOL. By the end of the day my whole body was sore/cracking. I'm so old! Haha. It was just crazy and overwhelming. I couldn't sleep last night, I was still so wired. I think anyone who won this would be freaked out. I don't think I'll ever have nail mail quite this epic again!

  2. what's best about this prize is that is includes the very best and most loved of all the participating bloggers that submitted an entry :)!!! Sharing in their love of the polishes, you get to see WHY :D

    1. Mir, that is part of why it's SO special!! I LOVED that part of the contest -- not only involving bloggers and getting their option on what the prize should be -- but the process of going to all the blogs and discovering how many amazing and talented women are out there! I really hope they do this prize again and involve bloggers next time around. So many bloggers have commented that they "see" their pick in my photos of the prize -- that's awesome! It's like having little pieces of everyone here with me! Okay, that sounded WAY creepier than I meant. Point is, I just really value the prize because it wasn't just random polishes thrown in a box, it was chosen by stranger-friends (& some not-so-strangers!) who have the same love of polish that I do. <3

  3. Fabulous hall! Not sure if you or kitty enjoyed deboxing more ;) lol. Handsome cat and wonderful collection :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, Murphy had a lovely time "helping" me unpack everything! :)