Monday, September 01, 2014

September Is Stamping Month! Participants!

NB: I am working on doing a blogger linkup thingy so you can add your links to the posts. I don't have it setup yet so in the meantime, I have everyone here. Thanks!

There are a bunch of lovely ladies who are going to participate (in whole or in part) in September Stamping Month and I want to share their lovely manis with you so you can see how much fun this is! :)

In each blog post over the next month, I will reference this page so that anyone can easily click on it and visit other participants pages.

If you wish to be added to this page, please send me your info or comment below! The more the merrier! And no, you do NOT have to do a daily mani to be included. Even if you can only manage a few of them, that's awesome! <3

The hashtags I am using for Instagram (my username is miss_tina) are: #septemberisstampingmonth #septemberstamping #stampingchallenge

If I accidentally missed anyone I'm so sorry! Please let me know your info and I will absolutely add you!


  1. Hi Miss Tina,

    I'd love to participate, I am too late for flowers, but could catch up with lace :)

    My blog is pretty much only stamping, here I am:

    Looking forward to joining in Xxxxx

  2. want to join chronicle I'll do I don't know if I could join every day.
    do my best

  3. Thanks Tina :) Got my first one up! I did actually do it yesterday, but no time to post it until today. Shame, as it is floral. D'oh! Will look forward to seeing all your manis too folks :)