Friday, September 05, 2014

September Is Stamping Month! Day 5: Birdies!

Today is the 3-year "forever home" anniversary for my kitties Calvin & Joe! I probably should've planned a bit better and had the kitty mani fall on the 5th but whatever. Three years ago I brought home Calvin & Joe from my local vet's office. The last of my previous batch of kitties died a month prior. I wasn't even looking for new kitties at this point. I happened to be walking by my vet's office one night and saw Calvin in the window & there was just something about him. I put it off for a week but finally went in to ask. They had a different grey kitty in the office -- but this one wanted NOTHING to do with me. The one I had seen in the window before was there, but someone already wanted him. *boo* The tech said they had another one, "A crazy black cat". I was all, "Can I see him?? I love black cats!". I went up to see him and he was sitting on top of the row of cages. I guess they couldn't put him in a cage for some reason. I was immediately in love! He was feral, wouldn't let me touch him except to pet the top of his head (he would scratch and growl/hiss). They had taken out most of his teeth because they were all grossly infected/pouring pus. They clipped his left ear so I'm assuming they intended to let him back out after his antibiotics were done. While I was meeting Joe, Calvin (the grey one I first saw) was pawing and meowing at me like crazy from his cage. I petted him and told him I wish I could have him too but someone else already wants him. After deciding that I would take Joe once his antibiotics/treatment finished, I was about to leave when the tech came running upstairs and told me that the woman who was going to take Calvin called & said she wasn't taking him anymore. Yay! I asked if I could have both of them and they said yes. Wheeee! It was the Friday before Labour Day weekend in 2011. I was going away for the weekend but would check in with them over the holiday to see if they were getting along (they were going to introduce them face to face). They DID get along so that Tuesday I picked them up and brought them home and we've been happy together ever since. Joe has now turned into a super-sucky love cat who snuggles and drools and kisses me all over. Calvin ran around his new home like a maniac for 3 days straight. I loves my boys!!!

Calvin & Joe snuggling:

(I got 2 more kitties but those are for another day!)

Today's mani is actually all about birdies! It was a tricky one, I couldn't find an image that worked, fit, looked right. I ended up going with lovebirds… birdies delivering love letters!

Want to know more about the September Stamping challenge?? Click to find out!

This mani was tricky! I couldn't find the right image to use! The one I wanted to use (birds on a wire) turned out to be way too big for my nails and looked ridiculous. I tried others but they looked just… wrong. I dunno. I finally settled on this one. Never thought of putting these 2 colours together but I like how it turned out!

Base colour is Cirque's Cape Liz -- a really shimmery/glittery dusty blue grey. I love it! I stamped with Konad's red stamping polish. I used Cheeky plate CH53 (see image below) and used the larger end of the Konad double-ended stamper.

Under LED light.

Macro under LED light.

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outside, bright daylight (no direct sun).

Direct sun.

Cheeky stamping plate CH53.

I really like how this turned out despite how frustrated I was with the other images I tried. I was just going to do one accent nail but ended up stamping them all. Super cute image & perfect for Valentine's Day. :)

Where to buy this stuff?? Cirque polishes can be bought from a lot of different distributors or from their website. I just checked a few of their distributors and Cape Liz is in stock at Harlow & Co (based in Canada, ships internationally) - everyone else seems to be out of stock! The Cheeky plates I bought on Amazon and I know they are easy to get. Konad stamping polish is also fairly easy to get and a lot of places stock it.

NB: I have purchased these products myself. I have NO affiliation with the polish/product makers or websites discussed in this post!

Please check out the other September Is Stamping Month participants -- some really beautiful manis going on! 


  1. Lovely story! Clearly both Calvin and Joe were destined to be yours :) We need a photo of them though, after hearing how they came to you!

    Nice mani too of course: lovely choice of colours! Looks like the daily practice is making a difference too :) Do you feel it getting any easier yet?

    1. Added a photo to the post. :)

      Some days the stamping feels easier, other days it's like a big screaming fight with do-overs and stuff. LOL Still feeling it out. :)