Thursday, September 04, 2014

September Is Stamping Month! Day 4: Food - Pizza!

What ended up happening with this mani is NOT what I started out thinking I would do! LOL. I had planned on doing cute little pink cupcakes and adding rhinestones for cherries… ah… so cute! But when I looked at my stamping plates, the cupcake images I had were all WAY too big for my itty bitty nail beds so I had to look at what I did have and rethink the whole plan. I ended up doing PIZZA nails! LOL.

Want to know more about the stamping mani challenge or want to join in? Click here for the details!

The stamping is kinda messy. I also pulled out some acrylic paint and added details. Haha. Looks like a little kid did this mani -- but I actually really love it and think it's hilarious! All the stuff I used and more pics are after the jump!

Ok. So yeah, pizza nails! Haha! I'm still giggling about this. It's just so… funny!
Anyway, I had to write out the plan beforehand because it involved different base colours, stamping colours, 3 different plates, acrylic paint, tiny art brushes, and *whew!*… I'll break it down!

(currently listening to "Benny & The Jets" by Elton John… I think these mani posts need musical interludes!)

So the nude-beige base colour is OPI's "My Vampire Is Buff" (an excellent colour for nail art!). The red on the index finger is Julep's "January".

I stamped with:
  • Julep's "Fiore" on pinky, ring, and middle fingers
  • Konad's black stamping polish on index finger
  • Konad's red stamping polish on thumb
The stamping plates (images below):
  • Cheeky CH42 on thumb … "yummy"
  • Cheeky Jumbo 7 "Home Sweet Home"… full nail tomatoes on index & full nail garlic on pinky
  • Cheeky Jumbo 3 "European Romance"… oven image on ring finger & pizza image on middle finger
I used a cheap acrylic paint set I found at Staples (brand is Reeves) and brush 2/0 round from a Reeves brush set (also from Staples). I used these colours: medium yellow & brilliant red (fire in oven), crimson, light green, and burnt sienna (for the pizza).

I used Konad's double-ended stamper -- both ends depending on image. I used Seche Vite for topcoat.

Ok. Onto the pictures!

Under LED desk lamp.

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outside, bright daylight (no direct sun).

The thumb image. LOL.

Cheeky plate CH42.

Cheeky Jumbo Plate 3, "European Romance" (oven & pizza images).

Cheeky Jumbo Plate 7, "Home Sweet Home" (tomato & garlic images).

Overall this mani was soooo much fun. I'm glad I pulled out the acrylic paints and started playing around -- I had never done that before but wanted to! I bought the acrylic paints last winter but was too scared of using them -- I am NOT an artistic person at ALL. But yay for trying new things! I totally want to do a "Lost Boys" mani for Halloween and use that garlic image! LOL

Where to buy this stuff?? OPI polish is pretty easy to get your hands on. Julep polishes can be found on the Julep website. The Cheeky stamping plates I bought on Amazon (both the smaller round set and the larger Jumbo plates). The Konad stamping polishes, stamper, & scraper I bought from Nail Polish Canada. The acrylic paint set and brush set I bought from Staples (but you can probably find these in a thousand different places!

NB: I purchased all these items myself. I have NO affiliation whatsoever with any of the manufacturers or websites discussed in this post!

Please check out the other September Stamping Month participants -- they've been doing some really amazing manis!

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  1. Adorable! Suffice to say, this is the first pizza mani I have ever seen :)