Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September Is Stamping Month! Day 23: Chevron

I'm not usually a "chevron" kinda person but I found this stamping plate that had super fine lines, which I love. It's cool but almost migraine-aura-like (that part isn't cool!).

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I used a squishy stamper and I think it would've been better to use a firmer one to get sharper lines. BUT I kinda like that it's messy -- it's that whole "bad girl playing with the stamping pad at work" thing. ;) (yeah, ok, I'm a nerd, but to be fair, I'm in grad school for library science so I have a bit of leeway there!)

For the base colour I used one coat of Julep's "Maria" & stamped with Konad's black stamping polish. I DID try reversing the colours on my thumb using Julep's "Jet" as my (black) base and stamped with Julep's "Maria" -- it turned out really well but looked exactly the same as the other nails, so I didn't bother taking pics of it. LOL. I used Pueen's stamping plate Pueen03 (image below). I topped with Seche Vite.

Under LED desk lamp.

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outside, bright daylight (no direct sun).

Outside, direct sun (well, sunset-ish).

Pueen03 stamping plate.

Overall I love how this turned out. Yes, it's smudgy, but like I said before, I kinda like that it's not perfect! I like the fine lines of this chevron pattern, I think it suits my tiny nail beds better than some big blocky or super jaggedy image. It IS a bit like a migraine aura so I don't think I could keep this on my nails for long (already took it off), don't want to trigger anything!

Where to buy this stuff?? Julep polish can be purchased from their website -- though the shade "Maria" isn't presently available (I got it as part of the "Oprah's Favourite Things" collection/jewelry box last year). Konad stamping polish is pretty easy to get your hands on. The Pueen stamping plate can be purchased individually or as part of a set from Pueen's website or other distributors (I bought mine from Nail Polish Canada).

NB: I purchased these items myself. I have NO affiliation whatsoever with the polish/product makers or websites discussed in this post.

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  1. Very striking, but no wonder it had to go! Like most human beings, the flaws look to be part of this manicure's very charm :) I have never heard of Julep before! Where does it belong brand wise: drug store, salon, in between?

    1. Julep is a higher-end subscription-box based polish maker. They only ship within US/Canada. Their main business is subscription boxes but sell a lot of polish/products outside of the boxes. And non-subscribers can purchase polish/products also. They have really good products, lots of sales, but notoriously slow shipping (shipping is free for subscribers on boxes and non-box purchases, but seriously 3-4 weeks is ridiculous!). I would categorize them as a salon brand since that's how they started - out of several physical Julep salons in the Seattle (USA) area. They've had the sub boxes for 3 years, I've been a subscriber for a year (this month!). Each month they come out with roughly 9-10 new colours (crazy!) but they tend to be fairly mainstream in terms of style (I think they've only had 2 holo polishes, ever). Each month a subscriber will get a box of 2 polishes + a product (nail/skin/hair/makeup) or 3 polishes depending on which style profile you select. You get to see the colours in advance and can select a different style. You can also upgrade & get all the polishes or all polishes & all products. They also have other "add-ons" you can select (usually existing products/polishes at a discounted rate). They have different subscription levels, I signed up last year so I only pay $19.99 (USD) a month for my box (add-ons & upgrades are extra). It's a fun box to get each month but the slow shipping is very, very annoying. The last few months they've made some major changes which has caused a massive problem in all areas of service (last month after nearly 3 weeks of run-arounds, they cancelled my August box and gave me a refund, I was not happy!). Customer Service is seriously lacking also. Some people complain about the bottle size (8ml) for the price but it's never bothered me. I never use up an entire bottle of polish anyway! Polish price (not on sale) is $14USD for non-members/$11.20 for members -- but like I said, they have a lot of sales. I'm not sure I have paid full-price for one of their polishes ever! The quality is good. Even the non-polish products are nice (September was a lippie, August was gel eyeliner pencils, next month is night creme/mask). I dunno, it's fun! I'm sure they will expand to other countries eventually but right now they are in way over their heads with North America! I know you can buy their polishes on eBay, Amazon, etc from resellers.

    2. Wow: thanks for letting me know! The colours that you have used so far have been beautiful: I do love a shimmering polish :) What a different business model for a polish brand! I would probably have to buy a 2nd apartment if I had monthly polish subs coming in though... I've never started with QVC's OPI or Nails Inc TSVs just in case! lol. That customer service would drive me crazy, but it does sound like good value :)