Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Amazing Autumn Mani Challenge -- Coming up for October!

I like giving a heads-up for the next mani challenge. This next one is really great and I am SO excited! Saphron Jenene over at She Loves Lacquer is graciously hosting this next mani challenge. We collaborated, sharing ideas about colours/themes/names -- and I think the final product is something really fun for October!

Here is the breakdown of October (details to follow after the jump):

Isn't this pretty?? I think she did a great job! <3
I love the mix of actual colours and concepts -- it leaves things open for individual interpretation and I think we're going to see a lot of beautiful manis with this challenge! All the details are over at She Loves Lacquer but I'll give a summary here. The "rules" are loose and similar to the previous mani challenges.
  • This is only a suggested guide, not a "do this or else" kinda thing. It's fun, not work! That being said, it is a mani challenge for a reason so pleasepleaseplease try to stick with it!
  • The days with just a theme and not a colour (e.g. "20. Ear Muffs) are open to interpretation -- you can do a single colour (like your favourite ear muffs are grey) or you can get crazy and creative and paint panda ear muffs on your nails! It's totally up to you, no rules!
  • Do what you can with what you have. Feel free to sub in what you don't have with something else or repeat one of your favourite days.
  • No, you don't HAVE TO do every single day to participate (we get that people are busy!)
  • Be creative!! Have fun with this!
  • Show off your work! Post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blog, wherever. We want to enjoy your manis too! (we will be using #amazingautumnmanis and #octobermanichallenge on IG)
  • Share your manis with the polish maker -- they love to see your work too!
  • In your posts, say what you love/don't love about the polish/products you used and why, or any challenges you had with the mani. 
  • Please list the polish colours (& other products) you used to create your mani. People appreciate knowing what brand of polish or stamping plate or whatever you used.
  • Try to use your untried polishes (dust off those indies!! or, even better, pick up some new ones -- a lot of indie brands have some amazing fall collections!)
  • You can be as simple or elaborate as you want -- just one simple colour or a mix of colours, gradients, stamping, decals, etc. No pressure, it's not a contest!
  • She Loves Lacquer can be found on Instagram here. I can be found on Instagram here.
  • She Loves Lacquer will be posting a participants page, let her know if you wish to be included -- I will link to this at the end of each of my mani posts. It's fun to check out what other people are doing -- appreciation and inspiration!
Previous mani challenges I have done: June Is Julep Month!August Is Indie Month!, and (of course) September Is Stamping Month!. I'm REALLY looking forward to the Amazing Autumn mani challenge starting next Wednesday! I hope you join us!! <3

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