Thursday, August 07, 2014

August Is Indie Month! Day 7: Hue - Champs Élysées

Wow, the first week of Indie August is done! It went by so fast!
(what is "Indie August??", click here to find out the details!)

For Day 7 I chose a polish from the Square Hue (or just "Hue") subscription box. I tried it out for a few months but eventually cancelled. The polish is awesome, it was just getting expensive for the box & shipping (I'm in Canada and the exchange rate shifted out of my favour, it was getting up near $30 a month which I wasn't pleased with). Plus, being in Canada, the shipping was SUPER slow -- as bad as Julep, if that's even possible! Anyway, I'll add details about the subscription at the end of the post.

Day 6 ended up being "Champs Élysées" -- very delicate, soft & pretty!

This polish is a very soft, delicate, satiny pale minty green shimmer. It was part of the March 2014 Passport Collection: Paris. It is a 5-free polish brand and is cruelty free (yay!). The bottle design is cute, a large square bottle -- no risk of tipping it over!

(bottom of the bottle)

The formula was okay, a bit on the sheer side. I used 3 coats of polish for this mani and you can still see the nail line! I think next time I use it I will layer it over white or another green. Not much streaking and it was self-leveling. It dries fairly quickly and had a nice shiny finish. I still added topcoat. I used my usual Seche Clear for base coat and Seche Vite for topcoat.

This polish was notoriously difficult for me to photograph accurately. So some of the pics might look wonky or blurry. It's not me, this polish was doing weird things to the camera. I did my best!

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro under LED desk lamp -- you can see the silver shimmer here.

Indoors, bright daylight (no sun), near windows.

Outside, bright daylight (no sun).

No direct sun, just hazy/cloudy sun trying to peek through… this is the best I could do for a "sunny" pic.

Macro under the hazy/cloudy sun.

Other side of the bottle. Like a paint swatch from a hardware store!

Overall, I liked the colour of this polish a lot. The formula was okay, easy to work with. I like the square bottle. My only complaint is how insanely sheer it is. I HATE seeing the nail line, it makes the mani look incomplete to me. So yeah, needs either more polish layers (though that would make it thick and gross) or an undie. So next time, it gets an undie!

I purchased this polish for myself. As for the Square Hue subscription, check out their website for the full details. I'll give you a brief run-down: at present, $14.99/month + shipping ($5 US/$9 CAN) for 3 polishes. You don't get to preview them beforehand so the colours are a surprise, though they do let you know what the "theme" is of the upcoming collection. You CAN cancel online and you CAN skip/pause your subscription. They do have promos for your first box so check out their website for their latest promo (I don't have a code to give you, sorry). 

NB: I purchased this polish myself. I have NO affiliation with the polish maker featured, I am doing this for fun!

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