Monday, August 04, 2014

August Is Indie Month! Day 4: Indigo Bananas - Immortal Game

Yay! Day 4 of Indie August! If you don't know what I'm talking about and want to know more about this daily mani challenge, click here!

I chose Indigo Bananas for my Day 4 mani. I've used her polish before, you can see that post here. I went with "Immortal Game" -- one of those colours you are drawn to & keep picking up/putting down/picking up again. NO idea why I haven't used it yet but I am SO GLAD I did today!! I am in love!!

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Indigo Bananas is an LA-based polish maker -- the lovely creator is Andrea. You can read more about her & the polish brand here. :) She describes Immortal game as a, "lighter teal crelly with strong pink to pale gold duochrome flecks in it, as well as a small amount of holographic glitter and violet microflakies (very small shimmer)". This polish is 3-free and cruelty-free (yay!). This particular shade is from the Fiery The Angels Fell June 2013 Collection (<-- inspired by the film Blade Runner, if you didn't catch the reference!). 

The formula was PERFECT! I usually have big screaming fights with crellies but this one went on like a dream. It was slightly on the thinner side -- which actually makes it a bonus in my book! Crellies are usually thick/goopy and hard to work with. Being thinner makes application so much easier! I used 3 thin coats for the photos below. I also used Seche Clear for a base coat and Seche Vite for a topcoat (one layer of each).

Lots of pics but it was SO HARD to capture just how beautiful this polish is in real life. One of those polishes that make you want to keep staring at your nails because they're so damn pretty!

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro under LED light.

Indoors, bring daylight (no sun), near windows.

Outside, bright daylight (but cloudy/hazy, no sun).

Outside, bright daylight (but cloudy/hazy, no sun).

No sun (*boo*). This one is under kitchen halogen track lighting.

Macro under kitchen halogen track lighting.

I totally love this polish! I love the theme (Blade Runner!) and I love the uniqueness of the mix. The formula, as I have mentioned, is a dream. I only purchased minis from Indigo Bananas when I first found her Etsy site, just to see if I would like her polishes -- of course, I'm in love now and want more/bigger bottles! She has so many interesting polishes!

You can shop at the Indigo Bananas website or on her Etsy shop. This polish (Immortal Game) IS in stock, at the moment -- but seriously check out her other polishes, they are amazing! She does ship worldwide. She also has to international distributors, which you can see here

That's all for today. If you want to see more manis, check out the other participants in Indie August Month! Tomorrow there will also be more so check back! :)

NB: I purchased this polish for myself and have NO affiliation with the polish maker featured. I am doing this simply for fun!

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