Sunday, August 03, 2014

August Is Indie Month! Day 3: Philly Loves Lacquer - Clevemore

Yay! Day 3! I'm already having fun with this! I love mani challenges, it gets you out of your comfort zone, pulling out some untried polishes or re-discovering an old favourite. This being "indie" month (i.e. independent polish makers), the focus is on all those super hard-working ladies (& a few men!) who put so much love, creativity, time, money, and effort into making some pretty phenomenal polishes. They need promotion because they don't have an advertising budget, they tend to rely on word-of-mouth. Well, this is my goal - to spread the word of the awesomeness inside indie polishes!! Plus, a lot of people are looking to get into buying/using indie polishes but don't know where to start. Hopefully my posts & those of the other lovely & talented participants in Indie August will give you some enlightenment. :)

Anyway, onto Day 3! For this one I chose the brand Philly Loves Lacquer. I purchased a set of minis of one of her collections in the winter (more on this later!). I kept reaching for them but finding something else instead (which is how people end up with a huge cache of untried polishes!). They are also minis so they kind of get lost in the shuffle. Mini polishes are smaller versions of the regular polish bottle size. It's a good way to test-drive a polish maker you've never tried before to see if you like their polishes. Some people hate minis, I think they're super cute!

The colour I chose for Day 3 was a tough one (it was a toss-up between 3 different ones! argh!), it is called "Clevemore".

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Clevemore is part of the January 2014 Fancy Winter Wench Collection. I had never used Philly Loves Lacquer before but was eager to try her polishes since everyone raves about how amazing they are. I ended up getting the whole collection, but in minis! So cute!

Philly Loves Lacquer describes Clevemore as a, "deep vampy red scattered holo" -- perfect description! (you can see it in the box above, in the bottom right corner). This polish is 4-free and made in small batches. It is vegan & cruelty free (yay!!). Edited: Esther (the lovely creator behind the Philly Loves Lacquer brand) has clarified that her polishes are actually 5-free!! Yay! Safe polishes!

While doing this mani I kept thinking, "Whyyyy did I never use this before??". My fav nail colour is red (especially dark red). And this colour is AMAZING!! Not to mention the formula was a perfect 2-coater. The polish was the perfect consistency and cleanup was minimal and super easy. Yay!
I used 1 layer of Seche Clear for my baseocat, 2 coats of Clevemore, and 1 coat of Seche Vite. A usual, I always recommend using a base coat to protect your nails and a topcoat to protect your mani, give it shine, and enhance the polish (it brings out any glitter, shimmer, holo, etc).

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro under LED light.

Indoors, cloudy day (no sun), near windows.

Outdoors, cloudy daylight (no sun).

A slight bit of hazy sun peeking through the clouds, but I wouldn't consider this as a sunny pic. It's weak. :/

Instead of sun, I took this one under halogen lights in the kitchen!

I'm totally in love with this polish and I DEFINITELY NEED a full-size!! It is soooo beautiful! And the formula is awesome. <3

I purchased this (& the other PLL polishes) myself. I checked the Philly Loves Lacquer website and while Clevemore isn't in stock, she DOES have an option to pick a "Throwback Polish" for a custom bottle. The price is the same as a regular polish and Clevemore is on the list of options. So it's not directly available but she will make one for you! How awesome is that?! She does ship internationally, but check her FAQ about it because there are some countries she can't ship to. As far as I am aware, there are no distributors stocking her polishes. Edit: Apparently you can also purchase Philly Loves Lacquer polishes at Knack Philadelphia and soon through both Lacquer Chic and Violet Sanctuary Spa -- more ways to get the goodies!! :) -- Thank you Esther for letting me know & share this information!

I would urge you to go check out her polishes and consider purchasing one (or a bunch!). 

Wanna see more?? Please check out the other Indie August participants and see what they are doing for their Day 3 manis!

NB: I purchased these products myself and I have NO affiliation with this polish maker, I am doing Indie August for fun! :)


  1. Hiiiii! I lurve it on you! It matches your skin tone so well.

    I wanted to give you some tidbits of info on case you wanted to add to your post!

    Since Fancy Winter Wench, Philly Loves Lacquer is 5-free, and apparently was 5-free the whole time, thanks to a discrepancy with the manufacturer MSDS. Also, we are also currently available at Knack Philadelphia's online shop,, and we will soon also be sold through Lacquer Chic and Violet Sanctuary Spa

    Thank you for the feature!!!

    1. Thank you Esther! I will update my post with this information! :)