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August Is Indie Month! Day 29: Lac Attack - Amortentia

Day 29! Labor Day weekend! Woo! I just realized I'm turning 42 in exactly 3 months, yikes! Trust me when I say it sneaks up on you. My bday is also prime for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales (yay!). But I think all I want this year is Advent Calendars… but not the chocolate kind. Last year I got the Essie 12 Days of Christmas one (12 full-size polishes, cuticle oil, and nail wraps!) and the Ciate one (a month of mini polishes, glitter, and caviar beads). This year I think I want both of those again but also the David's Tea one. Someone brought it up to me today and I did a Google search of images and they are so cute! Boyfriend has been put on alert. :) I told him instead of Christmas presents we should just get each other a bunch of cool Advent Calendars and spend December enjoying little gifts everyday. :)

Anyway, it's still August and it's still Indie Month! Today I selected Lac Attack and the shade "Amortentia". My readers who are Harry Potter fans will appreciate this polish more than most, I am sure! Also including a bonus pic of another mani I did with Lac Attack's "Dementor's Kiss". <3

Lac Attack is an indie polish brand based out of Cleveland, Ohio and is the creation of Anastasia Fete. Her polishes are 3-free & cruelty-free (yay!). I found her polishes while browsing Harlow & Co's website one day, looking for cool polishes to add to my wish list and try later. When she stocked the "Magical Musings" Collection, I was in love! Harry Potter-themed polishes! How cool is that?!

Before I get into today's feature polish, I have to show you a mani I did in the winter. I used a few coats of China Glaze's "Concrete Catwalk" and layered Lac Attack's "Dementor's Kiss" (from this same collection) over, topped with Seche Vite. I can't take the credit for the look, however, it's based on a mani done by GlittaGloves here on her blog (go check it out!!). I LOVELOVELOVE it! <3

OK. Today's mani is all about "Amortentia" (if you're not a Harry Potter person and have no idea what the hell this is about, read the Wiki article here). I'm not generally a "pink" person, but something drew me to this polish -- it's got so many things going on, it's stunning! Her motto is "Fiercely Unique" and I absolutely have to agree! There is something really special in her polishes I haven't seen in other brands. A quiet intelligence and contemplation to mix and combine just the right things that seems to capture the essence of the theme (no matter which collection we're talking about). You have to respect that! It's not like she threw some glitter in some polish and called it a day -- there is deep thought in these polishes. :)

So what's going on inside Amortentia? It's pink, obviously. There's some holo shimmer flecks and some purple holo hexes. At first I thought they were just regular holo hexes, nope, they're purple! It's pink but not a wimpy pink -- it's really too sweet not to love! Like I said, I'm not a pink person, you'll rarely see pink on this blog -- but this one is special! (as you will see!)

The formula was awesome -- I was expecting a struggle -- no offence to Lac Attack but polishes like this are generally a fight for me, not sure why. But alas! This one applied very easily. The polish was the perfect consistency, not too thick or thin. I used Seche Clear as my base coat, 2 layers of "Amortentia" and Seche Vite to top. Cleanup was minimal and super easy with no staining or other issues.

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro under LED light.

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outdoors, bright daylight (no direct sun).

Direct sun!

Sunny macro.

Under halogen lights.

Macro under halogen lights.

This polish is totally fun! In fact, I love both the Lac Attack polishes I have ("Amortentia" and "Dementor's Kiss"). This pink was hard to capture in pictures, it's one of those ones that looks WAY better in real life. I will definitely wear it again!

Where to buy Lac Attack polishes?? You can purchase them directly from the Lac Attack website (she does not ship internationally), but has 3 distributors listed on her website here. I purchased these from Harlow & Co (she ships internationally). I just checked and these 2 polishes are sold out at Lac Attack & Harlow but are available at the 2 shops located in Asia (Beauty So Fly & Dazzled) -- but the shipping costs may deter you. I have never ordered from those shops so I can't comment on shipping costs, exchange rates or shipping times.

NB: I purchased these polishes myself. I have NO affiliation whatsoever with the polish maker or websites discussed in this post. I am doing this for fun!

The next mani challenge is coming up! September Is Stamping Month! Let me know if you'll be participating and I will add you to the participants page. :)

You can see the Indie August participants here.

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