Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Is Indie Month! Day 28: La Couleur Couture - 1976

Day 28! Only 3 left after today! I'm already gearing up for September Stamping Month, are you?? :) Want to know more about next month's Stamping challenge? Click here for details!

For Day 28 I selected the brand La Couleur Couture (LaCC) and the shade "1976".

La Couleur Couture (LaCC) is a Vancouver-based polish maker. Her polishes are 3-free and vegan (yay!). Very recently I began seeing this brand is Shopper's Drug Mart here in Canada -- how cool is that?! I bought this one from Harlow & Co a while ago and it's been sitting untried forever.

OK. Before I get into this, I must say, this is the only shade I own by this brand so I'm not sure if it was the luck of the draw or if all the shades are like this?? Maybe someone can let me know?? I don't want to give up on this brand so easily!
Wow, that sounded bad. Let me explain. In the bottle this is a super pale minty green with a hint of pink sheen to it (you can kinda see the pink in the bottle shot, near the top of the photo). Of course, could I capture this on camera? Nope. Not surprised though. On the nail, it was SUPER sheer and streaky. :( This mani used 4 coats of polish and it was still sheer/streaky. Adding topcoat helped smooth things out a bit (Seche Vite), but I was still unhappy with the overall finished mani. PLEASE tell me it's just this colour and not typical of the brand? I hate giving an unhappy review even though the brand rocks and I just lucked out with the one I picked.

Either way, here is the usual selection of photos…

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro under LED light (trying to capture the pink sheen).

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outside, bright daylight (no direct sun).

Stupid clouds! Kinda cloudy/hazy/sunny pic. :/ I tried!

I love the colour, I just wish it wasn't so sheer… and still having streakiness after 4 coats is a big "no" for me. *sad face* Again, I'm hoping someone tells me it's just this weird shade and all the other ones are awesome! (this DOES happen!)

Where to buy La Couleur Couture? As I mentioned, you can find them at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada (not sure what the distribution is like though). You can also buy them directly from LaCC's website and from a very long list of retailers listed here. :)

NB: I purchased this polish myself. I have NO affiliation whatsoever with the polish maker or websites discussed in this post. I am doing this just for fun!

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