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August Is Indie Month! Day 16: Colors By Llarowe - Rapture

SOOOOO sorry for not posting this yesterday (the 16th)!! I wanted to but I was seriously not good. I had a tetanus booster shot at my physical on Thursday. On Friday I was tired, headachy, blah, but still functioning. Yesterday I was SUPER drained and couldn't think straight. I am an RN but vaccines are not my area of expertise (I'm in critical care/trauma) and haven't had a tetanus shot since 2001. I don't recall having this reaction the last time (who knows, maybe I did?). But yeah, pretty much sat on the couch the entire day trying to get my brain to work properly (was SUPER foggy). Either way, I didn't get the post written up, didn't go to the gym, barely ate. I sucked. :/ MUCH better today though -- so you get TWO posts today! Day 16 and Day 17 of the Indie August mani challenge!!

Want to know more about this challenge (& maybe jump on board)?? click here to find out more!

For Day 16 I selected Colours By Llarowe… a hard choice since I have a bunch of them I've been wanting to try. I settled on "Rapture" -- and so glad I did because it's a super pretty blue holo!

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Colours by Llarowe is created by Leah Ann LaRowe, a polish maker based in Colorado, USA -- she is also the infamous distributor of other indie brands (links, purchasing info, etc will be at the bottom of this post!). I have done a previous review/post of another CbL polish called "The Mighty Red Baron" (read it here). Today's feature shade, Rapture, is an exclusive polish (one of two -- the other is a dusty pinky-peach called "Bring Us The Girl") made for Harlow & Co (a super awesome Canadian indie polish distributor). When Harlow & Co posted on Facebook that there was an exclusive Colors By Llarowe duo coming, I knew I had to have them! (extra points if you knew these were based on a video game [Bioshock]!)

The shade is described accurately as a, "dusty teal blue holo". It's a medium-strong holo -- not crazy blingy but still really pretty. I think an over-the-top strong holo wouldn't have matched the softness of the colour. It's a nice balance. :) The formula was an absolute dream -- super easy application and cleanup. I used 2 coats of Rapture over Seche Clear base and a topcoat of Seche Vite. Polish consistency was perfect and I really had no issues whatsoever. :)

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro under LED light.

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outdoors, bright daylight, no direct sun.

Of course, as I was taking these pics the clouds came in to block out the sun. *boo*

Indoors, under halogen kitchen track lighting.

Macro under halogen kitchen track lighting.

Overall, I really love this polish & I'm eager to try the other one in this duo ("Bring Us The Girl"). I'm a sucker for dusty blues so this worked well for me! One of those colours to wear when you don't know what else to wear. :) It is a holo but not crazy psycho holo, just elegant pretty holo. The colour is well-saturated and the formula is absolutely pain-free.

Where to get this?? Well, since it's a Harlow & Co exclusive, you can only find it on the Harlow & Co website (she is based in Canada, ships internationally) -- I just checked and both are sold out at the moment. BUT these are NOT LE colours! So sign up for restock info and check Harlow & Co's Facebook page for updates. 

I would also strongly urge you to check out other Colors By Llarowe polishes on her website (she is based in the US, ships internationally) -- she has a LOT of amazingly beautiful polishes!! (Harlow & Co also carries other polishes by Colors By Llarowe).

NB: I purchased this polish for myself. I have NO affiliation whatsoever with the polish maker or websites featured in this post. I am doing this for fun!!

Please also check out the manis done by the other Indie August participants!!

Whew! Ok, now onto today's actual post!

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