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August is Indie Month! Day 1: Cirque - Coronation

Yay! for Day 1! I'm so excited to be doing another mani challenge! If you missed my last one, click here to check out the "June is Julep Month" mani challenge I did (or there are links to the side, all posts in June were dedicated to Julep!).

But this is a month dedicated to Indie polishes!! Wanna know more? click here to find out what this is all about!

So the first indie brand is Cirque Colors -- a NYC-based brand that has some amazing polishes! For reals, they are so rich and pigmented and beautiful. They are 3-free, wear well and I have zero complaints. One of my favourite brands. I have swatched & written blog posts of their polishes before (click here to see them). But for my first post of the Indie August month, I had to use my all-time favourite: Coronation. It was hard to choose this one, I have several untried Cirque polishes. And Coronation is NOT an untried polish for me (I used it once before, right after I bought it). But it IS incredible and I thought it was a good way to kick off Indie August!

Oh, and this post is picture-heavy!

SO much more after the jump!

Cirque Colors describes Coronation (& the ring) as a, "A royal purple with multi-dimensional copper shimmer in a translucent (jelly) base. This polish is paired with a complimentary rose gold-plated ring designed by Jeannie Vianney. The ring is modeled from a piece of lace casted into metal to form a crown shape." The ring is lovely, though gold + super pale skin do not really work, at least not on me.

The formula was a little on the thick side, but being a jelly I'm not surprised. Two coats worked well for opacity. I think three would be too much and one is definitely not enough. You could always layer one coat over a matching undie, but I think layering Coronation on it's own you get the full shimmer effect. Interestingly, it dries kinda matte/satiny so you definitely need a super shiny topcoat to really get the "wow" of this polish. At first glance, in the bottle it looks like "just another purple polish"… but I assure you, there is magic in there!!

For this mani I used Seche Clear as my base coat, 2 layers of polish, and one coat of Seche Vite.

I took a million pics trying to capture the shimmer but it was still a challenge!

Under LED desk lamp.

LED macro.

Macro of the Jeannie Vianney ring!

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outdoors, bright daylight (no direct sun).

Indoors, under halogen kitchen lights.

Macro under halogen kitchen lights.

Under the crazy halogen lights in the hallway.

Direct sunlight outdoors.

Sunny Macro. :)

This last one is intentionally blurry in the sun so you can see the shimmer. :)

As you can see, not another purple polish! I love how it's almost a red-grape in some lighting and vibrant purple in others and almost glittery… so pretty! And in addition to the copper shimmer, there appears to be random larger hex holo glitters (still tiny but not as small as the shimmer particles, if that makes any sense!).

It is sooo hard to capture the shimmer on this polish, it is simply stunning! I just checked the Cirque Colors website and sadly, they are out of stock. I have no idea if they are planning to bring back the polish or not. Maybe they will minus the ring? With the ring+polish it was $48USD. Shipping to Canada was an additional $7 (I believe). But they ship quickly and packaged it very nicely. It was like opening a gift! :) I took some pics when I opened the box, showing them so you can see -- a lot of indie polish makers try to make their packages special, I love that!

Just inside the cardboard box, black tissue paper and a Cirque logo sticker. :)

The jewel box it came in with both Cirque and Jeannie Vianney stamped onto it with a little crown.

Inside the jewel box the polish/ring were in a little black velvet dust bag. Nice touches! :)

Although this particular shade of Cirque polish is unavailable, please consider their other polishes! They really are lovely! You can buy them directly from Cirque (in the US) or you can find them at Nail Polish Canada and Harlow & Co. (both in Canada).

Or you can follow them on Instagram! (LOL --> read their hashtags!)

Want to see MORE of the Indie August Challenge?? Please check out the other challenge participants and see what they are doing!

What's up next for tomorrow?? Another awesome brand… Emily de Molly! But what polish will I pick?? Hmm…

NB: I purchased these products myself and I have NO affiliation with this polish maker, I am doing Indie August for fun! :)

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