Monday, July 07, 2014

Zoya - Belinda

I know it's been a whole week since my last post -- I think I needed to give my nails a big rest after doing the 40 manis I did during June is Julep Month! My nails and cuticles were trashed and are slowly recovering. I cut them back and I have been using Duri Rejuvacote 2 daily. The version 2 is 3-free and is best for more sensitive people -- since I react to a lot of things I went with this one. I have no idea if it's just as good as Duri 1. I guess we'll see how my nails do!

I did this mani yesterday. Belinda was in my untrieds pile for a few months. Since cutting my nails short, I prefer darker colours. They seem more flattering on shorter nails. Maybe that's just me? Anyway, onto the mani!

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Zoya describes Belinda as a, "full-coverage cosmic purple metallic". She was released as part of the Holiday 2013 Zenith Collection. I have only 2 of the polishes from this collection (Belinda & Cassedy), but eventually want them all! 

The formula was really nice -- not too thick or thin. I used 2 coats for this mani. As I mentioned, I've been using Duri Rejuvacote 2 on my nails for the last week (on bare nails, no polish for a week!). I used Duri as a base for this mani.

I went back to my regular Seche Vite for topcoat and had a bit of shrinkage. I haven't used it in a month so it's a bit thick in the bottle. I'll thin it out with some Seche Restore and it will be as good as new. :)

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro of Belinda under LED light.

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outside, bright daylight (no direct sun).

 While I was taking these pictures a bunch of storm clouds came in so I missed the sun & didn't get any direct sun photos (so sorry!). Today is raining so no sun pics. *boo* I think you can see in the macro photo above there are little blue & purple (& maybe pinkish?) microglitter. It's really quite a lovely dark purple. Metallic but not in-your-face metallic.

It's weird having shorter nails! I always get creeped out when I cut them back but they grow quickly. It's necessary, I think, like a haircut. I could try a million products and such to keep them long but they would just look ratty to me. Fresh starts are good!!

I used redeemed points with NPC to get this polish -- so technically I "paid" for it? You can purchase this polish from Nail Polish Canada -- I just checked and it is presently available and in stock (& on sale!!) + free shipping (if you are in Canada). If you are in the US you can purchase it directly from Zoya (I just checked & it's available & in stock). Sadly, Zoya doesn't ship to Canada. *boo* I'm hoping this will eventually change. They could make a LOT of money off of us!!

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