Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sparkles For Ayla - Dior's Princess

Recently while reading through my Instagram feed, I came across this:

I didn't know who Selena was and I don't know the whole story about what happened, but this dear woman lost her baby in utero at 38 weeks. I can't imagine anything more heartbreaking. :'(
So as part of the polish community & as a woman showing respect and love to another, I decided to have pink sparkly nails today in honour of baby Ayla. For her, I chose Dior's Princess -- aptly named and an untried in my stash.
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Dior's Princess #553 is described as a, "sparkling carnation pink". This shade was part of the Summer 2013 Sparkling Shine Collection.

I love Dior polishes for the brushes & formula. The brush is thick and staggered at the end, more like a thick artists brush. The formula seems thick at first but it's very full-coverage, self-leveling, and has a perfect dry time. It dried shiny but I like a topcoat for shine & protection -- I used one coat of Seche Vite. Since I'm still healing my nails from my Julep month project, I used Duri 2 as my base coat. I used 2 coats of polish.

This polish is an interesting pink and it does remind me of carnations. It has a silver glitter scattered throughout the cream polish, it finishes subtle and was a bit hard to capture on camera.

Under LED desk lamp.

I know I usually do a macro shot here but I honestly couldn't get a decent one -- I tried!!

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outdoors, bright daylight (no direct sun).

I tried to get a sunny picture but there are too many clouds blocking the sun. I tried again later in the afternoon but there are even more clouds now. Boo. :/ This was the best I could do.

I really like this polish -- both for the formula and the colour. I think I chose well for today's dedication post to baby Ayla. If you want to see all the lovely manicures or contribute a mani yourself, use #SparklesForAyla on Instagram. A fund has been set up for the family as well, you can click on the link below to find out more and donate:

NB: I purchased this polish for myself.

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