Monday, July 07, 2014

Coming in August! Indie Month Polish Challenge!

Okay, so doing the June is Julep Month mani challenge was … well… challenging. But it was also a lot of fun and I loved digging into my untrieds. I found a lot that I really loved. I'm taking a mani challenge break in July because my nails need a bit of R&R… but I wanted to come up with a new mani challenge… so for August, I'm going to do an August is Indie Month challenge! I have SO many indie polishes and they are amazing -- so this is a great way to promo all the hard work & love that our indie polish makers put into their creations. :)

I've created a preliminary chart that I will go by. The finals details will be posted August 1, 2014. I think there are a few other bloggers that would like to join me. The rules for this one will be a bit looser/less restrictive just because indies are less common in the average polish household -- and since some of them require non-indie brand products to do the mani (like topcoats/basecoats, "undies", etc). Also, not having these particular brands doesn't mean you can't do the challenge -- just sub in what you DO have! Or if you have 3 kinds of one brand, sub those in for the ones you don't. It's about giving indies some love, not about rigid rules! I just based this preliminary chart on a quick glance at my stash. I am leaning towards untrieds only but I'm going to used some previously tried also. :)

Here's the preliminary chart:
Some of you may disagree with what constitutes an "indie" polish -- to me it's a brand that is not commonly found in a drugstore or department store. An indie polish to me is also one that is made on a very small scale -- in some cases it's a one-woman show mixing up the polish in her kitchen, in other cases there is a bit of out-sourcing. In all cases, they are harder to find -- hidden gems in the polish world. I think they need some love!! Some are very popular and easy to find, others are smaller to get your hands on -- but hopefully you'll see something you like and will be inspired to explore the indie world further! (I will be posting direct links to each brand with each mani post). Indie polishes are often more expensive than mainstream brands, but they are unique, not tested on animals, and 3-free (if not 5-free). They are worth it!

Like I said, the chart I made is preliminary and not necessarily the final one I will go by once August hits. I'm super excited and can't wait to showcase these brands!

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