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June is Julep Month! Product Review: Time Machine!

So June is Julep Month? What the heck is that?? Click here to find out!

Before I review the June Maven Box, I want to review one of the products I chose as an add-on (well, 2 products really). It's called "Time Machine" and contains a glycerin/glycolic peel-off mask and a sunscreen -- both for your hands. I saw this kit at Sephora and was tempted to get it but never did. When I saw it available as an add-on this month, I grabbed it!

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I'm up for anything that will make my hands soft & pretty so I figured this would be good. Plus, I'm always forgetting sunscreen on my hands (though I wear SPF100 from head-to-toe!). Why will I remember to use this sunscreen?? Because it's novel and novelty works on me. Same reason buying a fancy water bottle makes me drink more water. It's my special water bottle. This can be my special sunscreen. :)
Also, know that I have crazy sensitive skin that reacts to everything. I checked for the usual culprits (eg. lanolin) but everything seemed good. I'm happy to report I had NO negative reactions using these products! Yay! :)

Before I start, sorry for my messy desk! OK, not so sorry, it's always like this. LOL

Okay, first up is the peel-off mask. This is great fun, let me tell you!

First some pictures so you can see what it looks like. It comes in a little tub like this with a pink foil label.

The top pops open and there's a little super soft brush inside. You will use this to apply the mask. I will give you some tips and trust me, you'll be grateful. :)

You then screw the top off and lift up the plastic cover and this is what you get! The consistency is like that gross snot-like substance that kids like to play with -- except super sticky, like tar. If you have the Julep Mask Noir, you know what I'm talking about. BUT, before you run screaming, there is hope!! (& it's worth it, trust me!)

Dipping the brush in. Oh boy, you can see where this is going. It is NOT easy to apply. Don't even think of using your fingers, it will just turn into a big gunky gross mess. The brush is important. 

First, a "Before" picture (I remembered this time!). Dry hands, yes indeed!

Okay, here is what it looks like once applied. And no, you don't need to say out loud what it looks like (you perv!). No worries, it can't be helped. They should have tinted it pink or something. LOL.

This is worse than Ghostbusters! Oh look, you can make webs!

Some application tips!!
* Wash your hands well before you start.
* Use the brush!!!
* Dip the brush into the tub vertically and pull straight up. You don't have to coat the whole brush, just the tip.
* If you try to just paint it on it will roll up on itself and get all goopy and gross. Instead, press the brush flat and hard against your skin and do a long, slow drag to smear the product across your skin. Sounds tricky but I promise you'll get the hang of it. Go slow!
* Do one hand, let it dry, peel it off, then do the other hand. If you try to do both at the same time you will go crazy and get this stuff all over everything. Plus, if you get an itch, need to answer the phone or pet the dog, you will be happy you have one free hand!
* It won't dry evenly. Just peel off the bits that have dried and wait for the thicker bits to dry.
* Dry time was kinda slow for me but it's SUPER muggy here and I think the humidity slows dry time. I think I started picking at it after about 10 minutes.
* Wash the brush!! It's super easy to clean. I just used water and scraped at any lingering bits with my nails. It came off quickly.
* Wash your hands after and apply the Solace sunscreen.

The Solace sunscreen is nice! It smells soft and pretty, absorbs quickly and doesn't leave you a greasy mess! It feels more like hand lotion than a sunscreen. The only problem I can see is that you have to avoid eye contact -- so if you rub your eyes a lot, maybe just apply it to the backs of your hands and wash it off your fingertips?

Okay, here's the "After" shot! I think they look softer! They definitely feel softer!

Overall, I think this is a FANTASTIC product!! A little tricky to work with but my skin was soooo soft/supple afterwards (& I think peeling it off is fun!). I hope they keep this product around for a while because I really do like it. The fragrance of the mask is gentle and soft, almost like Rock Star. The fragrance in the Solace sunscreen is light and pretty -- kind of like normal sunscreen smell combined with Rock Star. I like it! The shiny metallic pink packaging is nice too. Plus, I think it's handy they made a built-in storage spot for the mask brush!

I purchased these items myself. I just checked the Julep website and the Time Machine kit is available and in stock.

NB: I am doing this Month of Julep entirely independently. I have NO affiliation with Julep whatsoever!! This is just for fun!

Ok. Going to get started on my June Maven Box review!

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