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June is Julep Month! Day 7: Paulette & Yumi + Julep's Nail Moisture Masks

Wow! Day 7 already. :) I've been having fun with this and so far I'm not missing my other polish brands too much (thought I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss them at all).

What's this "Month of Julep" thing?? Click here to find out!

Day 7 is "light purple". It was a serious toss-up. I already used "Rae" & "Rosa" so those were out. I had "Tina", "Paulette" and "Simone" on my desk. Hmm… tempting to use "Tina" for obvious reasons! "Simone" didn't seem right for some reason. I settled on "Paulette" -- which is great because I've been super excited about her! I wanted a glitter accent and chose "Yumi".

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My cuticles have been pretty dry the past few days despite using the cuticle oil and Rock Star cream. I put some of the Julep Hand & Cuticle stick moisturizer on them today also (I'll do a review on this soon). Still dry. They don't look so bad in photos but they are hardening up and getting cracked. Not cool. In these situations, I lovelovelove using Julep's Nail Moisture Masks. What are these crazy things?? Well, they are little serum-saturated paper/fabric slipcovers that go over your fingertip/nail down to around your first knuckle. You put them on, wait 20-30 minutes (I usually go for 30 minutes) and take them off -- voila! Super soft cuticles and moisturized nails! Obviously you should do this without polish on. I did it today after removing yesterday's mani and washing my hands.

Oh, and when you have the nail masks on (or the hand ones) you can still use touch-screen devices. And no they aren't goopy on the outside (the serum stuff is just on the inside). I read a book on my balcony for half an hour while wearing them. :)

Back of package has instructions and ingredients list.

The nail masks look like this. They are linked together (5 for each hand), you have to pull them apart (they are perforated) -- good idea to pull them all apart before you start putting them on! There is a larger one on the end for your thumb. :) The outside looks shiny but it's more of a waxy paper thing. Inside each one is kinda squishy slimy serum stuff (nail & cuticle food!). Feels weird but you get used to it quickly. 

Aren't they funny looking?? :) They remind me of those paper slippers you get at the spa.

This is what they look like on. I recommend starting with the pinky and doing thumbs last. They stay on so-so. You can do a few things but because they are so slippery inside, they can easily slide off. So go pee before you start! (though, if you really had to go you could take them off, use the washroom, wash your hands and slip them back on again). But note: these are single-use moisture masks. Once you are done with them, into the garbage they go!

The nail masks have one side that hangs longer, this helps you pull them onto your finger. I learned the hard way but put the longer side (the "tail") on top of your finger, otherwise every time you go to bend your finger, the mask will slip off. Grr.

All done! So supple and soft! :) I always forget to take a "before" picture. Sorry!

If you're wondering about Julep's other masks -- they have the Moisture Mask Trio (individually wrapped ones for hands, feet, and nails), I recently did a review (with pictures!), you can read it here.

After using the moisture masks I went onto the polish!

"Paulette" is a recent Boho Glam Julep colour, she came out in the May Maven box in the "Fresh Twist" collection. Julep describes her as a, "golden lilac tulle shimmer". I recently did a mani and review of Julep's Saaya which is from the same collection and has the same golden shimmer (SOOOO pretty!!). Paulette is pretty much the purple version of Saaya.
"Yumi" (named after Julep founder Jane Park's daughter) is described as a, "pink, silver, and holographic glitter" (It Girl). This is an older polish, from 2012.
NB: I purchased Yumi back in January. Those of us who pre-ordered the Plié Wand received a free bottle of Yumi in our May Maven box, which I did receive. I subsequently gifted the free bottle as I had already opened/swatched the one I purchased in January. So while it looks like I'm using the freebie from the May box, it's not the same bottle. Just wanted to clarify!

The formula for both Paulette & Yumi were fantastic and I had no issues at all! Overall this is what I used: 1 coat of Julep's Nail Treatment base coat (the blue one), 2 layers of Paulette, 2 layers of Yumi (on the accent nail only), one layer of Freedom Polymer topcoat. Just before putting on the topcoat I cleaned up around the cuticle with pure acetone and a small brush then applied Julep's Mighty cuticle serum.

Under LED desk lamp.

Bright indoor daylight, near windows (no direct sun).

Bright outdoor daylight (no direct sun).

While waiting for the sun to come around, I was working on some stuff online and totally mucked up my pinky, I am aware, no need to point it out! ;)

Direct sunlight.

Macro, direct sunlight. Really hard to capture the gold shimmer!

I took this photo a bit later, not the most glam pic but you can see the gold shimmer! :)

A Macro of Yumi in bright daylight (no direct sun).

Overall, I really love this mani (& this combo of colour/glitter!). Paulette is SO pretty in real life, way more stunning than the pictures show or even how she looks in the bottle. It's also one of those colours that would look really beautiful on a lot of different skin tones. And Yumi is a nice, subtle pairing. It would even look good if Yumi was on every nail but then you'd miss the beauty of Paulette's golden shimmer!

I purchased these products myself. Paulette & Yumi are both presently in stock on the Julep website. Also available is the Julep Moisture Mask Trio (hand, foot, and nail mask kit). The nail-only moisture masks are not available to purchase individually but you can get a 3-pack in their Mind Your Mani kit (which has a set of 3 nail masks, the Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum, Oxygen Nail Treatment, and Freedom Polymer topcoat). I bought the Mind Your Mani set a while ago, which is how I fell in love with the nail masks!

NB: I am doing the Month of Julep challenge totally independently. I have NO affiliation with Julep whatsoever! This is simply for fun!!

What's up tomorrow?? So excited to see!! :)

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