Wednesday, June 04, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 4: Skittles!

Sorry for such a late post today. I had an urgent dental appointment and kinda feel like poo. :(

What is this Julep Month thing all about??? Click here!

But yes! The "skittles". What do I mean when I say "skittles" in reference to nail polish? It just means painting each nail a different colour. :)

To mix things up and make it crazier…

See what's going on behind here after the jump!

So I decided to mix things up and do GLITTER SKITTLES!! :D
(or I want to torture myself with glitter polish removal… or do I?? I will have a LOT more on this in tomorrow's post!)

I know glitter polish can be temperamental and it can be hard to get full coverage on Julep glitters -- but I'll give you some tips!

Onto some in-focus pictures so you can see what I did!
(L-R: Carly, Jasmine, Betty, Barbara, Aviva. Bottom: Ivy)

Ok. Because I had a crazy day with dentist appointments, pain, and nauseating antibiotics, I decided to make it easy on myself and use a similar polish under the glitter (an "undie"). This is NOT necessary but kinda fills in the gaps between the glitter bits so you don't need to use so much glitter polish to get the fuller coverage.

I chose to use just one coat of "Ivy" (this polish is awesome and I only have a mini -- I got it in one of the holiday sets last Christmas, I wish I had a full-size!!!). This polish is a pretty sheer blue-purple shimmery duochrome - but we're totally covering it with glitter so I'm not overly concerned with covering the nail line. Yes, if it bugs you then go ahead and build up the coverage -- but in the end your polish will look really thick with all the layers (base coat, polish, glitter, topcoat). Go easy!

For all these photos and each nail I used base coat, one coat of Ivy, 2 coats of glitter polish and one thin coat of Freedom topcoat.

Here is my trick for getting the most glitter & the least amount of base on the actual brush. Dip the brush in and after brushing off the excess on the underside, bend it at an angle with the tip hanging into the bottle (see the pic) and just hold it there a few seconds. This causes the base to drain back into the bottle and you will have more glitter but less "goop" on your brush.

When painting the glitter on, don't just do your usual one swipe and then be done! Nope, glitter is another type of beast! Keep wiping that brush on your nail like you're painting over it again and again (DO NOT dip it into the bottle again! This will only make a big goopy mess!). You can also "dab" the side of the brush onto the nail. Doing this weird paint job will get a LOT of glitter onto your nail. If you are using chunky glitters, it's almost necessary. It takes some practice to get the hang of it -- and this only works with glitters, don't try it with cremes! But you won't muck up your nails by doing this, it's almost like the drying polish on your nails gets tacky as you do this and kinda "grabs" the glitters off the brush and hangs onto them. Weird analogy, I know, but it's hard to explain until you start doing it.

Once it's dry, do another coat the same way. See how it's building up? Rock star! :)

Either way, it takes those seemingly boring and sheer glitters and can turn them into full-coverage glitters with a few coats done like this. Some call it the "dab and drag" method. But whatever you do, don't just paint on glitter like normal polish and expect full coverage. It ain't happenin'.

One point before you look at the pics… I had a BUGGER of a time with Barbara. The polish had thickened and was totally gummy and a pain to work with. A few drops of thinner would have worked to fix it but like I said before, bad day + my nails were wet and I didn't want to go digging around for my thinner. My bad for not checking them first! So forgive the look of my index finger, I did my best under the circumstances.

Also, some of the pics are a bit blurry/fuzzy, the glitter made my camera wonky and it was hard to capture.

Under LED desk lamp. Pinky=Carly, ring finger=Jasmine, middle finger=Betty, index finger=Barbara, thumb=Aviva.

 Macro of Carly under LED light.

Macro of Jasmine under LED light.

Macro of Barbara under LED light.

Macro of Betty under LED light.

Macro of Aviva under LED light.

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near the windows.

It's hard to see the thumb when I show my whole hand so I'll try to stick a thumb shot in for each "group" shot. This was indoors, bright light (no direct sun), near windows.

Outdoors, bright daylight (no direct sun).

Outdoors, direct sun.

Overall I think my fav (aside from the base of Ivy!) is Jasmine (ring finger). The formula was awesome and the purple base with silver glitter is so beautiful. 

Where did these come from? I bought ALL the polishes from Julep
* Ivy was in a holiday mini set I bought in Dec 2013 (presently not available on the Julep site). 
* Carly, Jasmine, & Barbara are in the Holiday 2013 Gem collection (the Gem collection is presently on the Julep site and in stock). 
* Carly & Barbara were available outside the Gem collection -- but both are presently out of stock.
*Jasmine was only available in the Gem collection (you can buy the whole collection of 12 polishes presently on the Julep site -- worth it, imo, all the polishes are stunning!).
* Betty is the birthstone polish for January. She is presently available and in stock on the Julep site.
* Aviva was part of the "Naughty & Nice" Mystery Box in December 2013. Unfortunately, she is not presently available on the Julep site.

As I talked about in other posts, some "retired" or "sold out" or otherwise unavailable Julep polishes have been known to make a reappearance. Keep your eye out on the site. If you're eager to get one of these, again, try Facebook sales/swap groups, contact Julep directly, or look for them on sale sites like eBay or StoreEnvy.

Whew! That was a lot! Thanks for sticking with me! 
I'm looking forward to tomorrow's mani challenge… come back and see! :)


  1. I'm loving this series! Ivy is available on Julep's site as part of the Little Lights boxed set (it's currently on the savvy deals page for $9.99).