Monday, June 30, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 30: Julianne & Percy

Aww… last day of Julep Month. :( I've had SO MUCH fun over the last 30 days! And I must give kudos and extra love & kisses to Erica who has been keeping up and doing daily Julep manis with me! Visit her blog and her Instagram!! <3

Wait… what's a "Julep Month"?? Click here! :)

Day 30 is "dusty blue". I saved one of my favs for last, I'm a sucker for blue-grey shades! I decided to use Julianne & an accent nail of Percy -- I'm really surprised that I haven't used either of them, but bought them last year! Crazy!

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Julep describes Julianne as a, "smoky grey blue crème", which is really an excellent description! She was released in the February 2013 Get On The A List Collection (Boho Glam). Percy is described as a, "golden blue iridescent multishaped glitter glaze" (a really fancy way of saying "flakie"!). Percy was part of a Holiday 2013 duo called "Northern Lights" (paired with Michelle). I haven't seen her available separately or paired with anyone else since.

This is a macro of Percy in the bottle so you can see what the flakies are like. They are kind of clear with reflective gold/blue glints. The base is kind of a very washed out blue-grey jelly.

The formula and consistency on both polishes was perfect. Julianne was a bit streaky with one coat (not unusual for a crème polish) but was perfect with 2 coats & self-leveled beautifully. Easy peasy. :)
Percy was easy, I applied one coat over the double coat of Julianne on the ring finger.

My mani prep was the same as described in previous posts (I won't go through it again). In sum: I used one coat of Julep's Oxygen Smoothing base coat, 2 coat of Julianne, one coat of Percy (on ring finger only), cleaned up a teensy bit with acetone and a small brush, applied Julep's Oxygen Performance topcoat and Julep's Mighty cuticle serum. Perfect!

Under LED desk lamp. Weird how the LED light washes the blue out so much and it looks more grey...

Macro of Percy over Julianne under LED light. Bubbles are in the topcoat, it's crazy humid/hot here, oddly it only bubbled on this nail (maybe Percy wasn't totally dry yet?). You can't see the bubbles just looking at it without a macro lens. ;)

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outside, bright daylight (no direct sun). This is what it looks like in real life (out of all the pics I'm posting). Awesome. :)

Macro of Percy over Julianne in direct sunlight.

Direct sun.

Overall, I adore Julianne & Percy -- especially together! I could see doing a mani with Percy on all the nails, not just the ring finger. Percy looks like an iridescent sheer gold leaf or something. How were these sitting in my untrieds all this time?! Geez!

I purchased these polishes & products myself. I just checked the Julep website and Julianne is retired and not in stock. Percy is unavailable (not on the retired list, just… gone). As I have mentioned in previous posts, retired shades tend to randomly pop up from time to time so don't give up! You can also try sale/swap sites (like Julep Swap) on Facebook and other sites. You can also look at store sites like Amazon, StoreEnvy, and eBay.

NB: I am doing Month of Julep entirely independently. I have NO affiliation with Julep whatsoever! This is just for fun!

What's next? I'm going to do a post summing up my experience over the last month and share a wish list for the future. I'll also do a 2nd post with ALL my Julep manis EVER! I will only post a single photo of each mani with links to any relevant blog post so you can see/read more about it.

After that? I'm thinking about my Canada Day mani for tomorrow… yay!


  1. Ah! Percy! Such a long time lemming of mine. I am pretty sure it'd be a stunner over Julep Jet or a million other colour combos. *sigh*
    I'll miss your daily Julep posts! Great swatches as always :) xoxo

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, Percy is one of those weird polishes that popped up briefly then vanished forever. I bought it as an afterthought when they had the "Northern Lights" duo last fall (November?). Sooo glad I grabbed it when I did, who knew it would be totally gone after that? Now that I've tried it once I want to put it all over everything -- but I only have the one bottle so I need to ration it. LOL. :)

  2. Wow your daily post was truly awesome!! I have learned so many amazing thing about Julep swatches and polishing tips. Thank you for your time and talents. May God Bless you. Once again Thank you.