Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 24: Leila & Andrea

Soooo sorry for not posting yesterday! I had a severe migraine and wasn't capable of much. I am making it up today though and posting both Day 24 and Day 25. :)

Day 24 is "yellow", not my most favourite polish colour. Us pasty pale ladies have a hard time wearing the warm colours. But I did have a few in my untried Julep stash. I settled on "Leila".

What the heck is a Month of Julep challenge?? Click here!

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Julep describes Leila as a, "lemon yellow opalescent shimmer". Unfortunately it's hard to see the shimmer in the photos, it comes off as more of a sheen. It's not a really obvious shimmer… kinda yellowy-gold shimmer (at least that's the impression I got). She was released in the March 2013 Playful Collection (Boho Glam). Andrea is described by Julep as a, "brilliant full-coverage bronze glitter" & was released in December 2013 in the Glitterati Collection (Bombshell). I'm not feeling bronze per se, more gold or yellow, I think.

The formula on Leila was… well… as ALL yellow crème polishes, on the streaky side. Consistency was thick & I had hopes for better coverage but nope. I still needed to use 3 coats of polish (which I hate, it makes it look to thick on the nail). The formula on Andrea was fine, as was consistency. Not too thick as some of the glitters can be. I used 2 coats of Andrea over 2 coats of Leila on the ring finger. I did my usual mani prep and cleanup and followed with Julep's Freedom Polymer topcoat.

One thing I have noticed… since starting the Month of Julep, I have been using the Julep Nail Therapy base coat (the blue one) and the Freedom Polymer topcoat almost exclusively. I'm about 2/3-3/4 the way through both bottles and it's starting to get thick & goopy. I still have another 5 manis so I might grab another bottle of Freedom (I have a few kicking around) and start using the Oxygen smoothing base coat. I wish Julep made a polish thinner!!!

Under LED desk lamp.

Cloudy overcast daylight (no sun at all), near windows. Sorry for the blurry pic, I didn't notice until editing. I need to start checking them when I take them!

Outside, super cloudy overcast & raining. No sun at all. *boo*

For kicks, a pic under the halogen lights in the kitchen (I thought it might pick up some of the shimmer, not really).

Overall, not a fan. It's a beautiful colour, but I just can't pull of yellow. I wish I could because I really like this (that's why I bought it!). If you love a beautiful yellow & like shimmer, this is the polish for you! The glitter Andrea doesn't really match (I know), but I wanted to give it a try and see how it looked. It's a good glitter & I think it would look awesome with purple! In retrospect, I would have used Andrea on bare nail since she is so full-coverage and having Leila underneath just makes the whole nail look thick and bulky (which I HATE). Learning more every day! :)

I purchased these polishes for myself. I just checked the Julep website and both Leila and Andrea are available and in stock (Andrea is presently on sale!).

NB: I am doing the Month of Julep entirely independently. I have NO affiliation with Julep whatsoever! I am just doing this for fun!

I'll post today's mani next...

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