Monday, June 02, 2014

June is Julep Month! - Day 2: Lacey

So continuing on with Day 2 of my June is Julep Month! challenge… dark blue! Before getting to the goodies, a few words!

Welcome to everyone who decided to do this challenge with me! I'm so excited to see your mani photos & hear your comments! I am posting all my mani pics on my Instagram (IG: miss_tina) and using the hashtags: #juneisjulepmonth and #monthofjulep. Feel free to use them also!
If you are not able to do a new mani everyday (few of us are, really) then pick a handful of days to do and join in! It's a good way to use some untrieds and find some new favourites. :)

One part of this is learning new ways of doing things, using new products and seeing what works/doesn't work for me. Today I went to take off my Day 1 mani (which was Demi - a dark red crème) using Julep's acetone-free polish remover and was very surprised to see how well it very quickly removed all traces of red polish! I had NO staining on my nails from the red polish (though I did use Julep's nail therapy base coat, the blue one). I also had no staining on my skin from the polish. Yay!!! Red is usually such a bugger to remove!
My ONLY complaint is the smell of the remover. I seem to be hyper-sensitive to non-acetone polish removers (doesn't matter which brand, they all make me cough and gag). So while removing polish I had a little fan blowing on my desk which helped immensely. It's not Julep's fault, the remover is awesome, it's just my wonky physiology.

Anyway, today I also sorted all my Juleps (228, still waiting on my June box!!) into colour groups - I previously had them sorted by collection. I think this will make my Month Of Julep challenge easier!

Onto today's mani… out of all my dark blue Julep polishes, the one I was MOST eager to try was Lacey!

More after the jump!

I can't remember when I bought Lacey though I'm pretty sure it was during the holiday sales last Christmas. Lacey is from the August 2013 "Garden Party" collection. I must've just missed her! I joined Julep in September and my first Maven box was October. She is one of the bombshell polishes, though I really don't pay much attention to which style profile each polish comes in. 

Julep describes Lacey as a, "midnight blue with purple shimmer". It's definitely a shimmery midnight blue though I'm finding it hard to see any purple. Maybe it's just me?
The formula on Lacey was PERFECT! Seriously, this could have been a one-coat polish. I did 2 coats out of habit. The colour is incredible, as is the shimmer. I was surprised! I mean, it looks pretty in the bottle but photographs don't really capture how pretty it really is (common with shimmery polishes, imo). If I had known it was this pretty though, I'd have started using it a long time ago!

After polishing I did cleanup with a small brush and bit of acetone and then added one coat of Julep's Freedom Polymer topcoat and let it dry without using the Ta Da! drops. Then I moisturized my cuticles with Julep's Mighty cuticle serum. I'm really trying to love the Freedom topcoat but… it's just not working out. I'll keep using it, seeing how it work out (if it does) but so far, not a fan. I'm still in love with my Seche Vite which seems to magnify shimmer and leave a super-duper shiny finish. Freedom seems to leave an almost dull finish, almost dampening the pretty polish underneath. To be fair, it is a nice and strong topcoat and it does dry fairly fast (not as fast as Seche, but it does qualify as a "quick dry" topcoat!). I know some people adore Freedom but I don't know… it just seems to kill the polish under it. I think it would be better on straight crèmes but on shimmers… *boo*.

Under my LED desk lamp.

Macro under LED light.

 Indoors, bright light near windows (no direct sun).

Outside, bright daylight, no direct sun.

I had to wait a bit for the sun to come around this side of my building to take sunlight pics. Haha. :)
While waiting I managed to dent the tip of my index finger. Grr!

Direct sunlight Macro.

Despite my feelings about the Freedom topcoat, I LOVELOVELOVE Lacey!!! It's a dark shimmery midnight blue perfect for summer nights. I think it would make an awesome polish for stamping since it's pretty much a one-coat polish (imo) or as a background polish for water decals or stamping and other nail art. I will definitely wear this polish again and might get a backup. :) I would like to try it again with another topcoat though, just to see if it really makes a difference. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. Not during June though! This month is for Julep!

I did purchase Lacey myself from Julep directly. I just checked the Julep website and Lacey is presently in stock (not on sale, unfortunately!). It does sometimes pop up on the site as part of a duo or other polish set. So if you wanted it but aren't sure, put it on your Julep wish list and keep an eye out. :)

NB: I am doing this Month of Julep challenge independently for fun. I am NOT affiliated with Julep whatsoever.

Tomorrow, Day 3 is "chartreuse"… can't wait!! I will also comment on whether Lacey gives me stained Smurf nails or if it comes off cleanly… stay tuned! :)

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  1. Beautiful color and you have lovely nails. Mine hardly grow. :D