Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 18: Angela + Julep's new Oxygen Duo!

Last night I received my June Maven Box (Polish Lover's Upgrade + 3 add-ons + freebies!). I will do a full box review with swatches as soon as I can. I did want to get today's mani up before starting the Maven box review though!

The one thing from my Maven box that I AM using today is the new Oxygen duo (a smoothing base coat and performance top coat). I'll give you my opinions here today!
Day 18 already! I know I say that everyday like it's a big shock but this month really is going by so fast! We had crazy storms here last night, I nearly lost all my balcony stuff!
Anyway, Day 18 of my Month of Julep challenge is "teal". I've had this colour for a long time and haven't used her -- no idea why! Her name is "Angela" and what a beauty she is!

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Julep describes Angela as a, "deep sea blue molten". Not entirely off but I think she's more of a dark teal-purple duochrome. Unfortunately, there is NO SUN here today so I couldn't get her to shift in the photos. We're supposed to get more storms today. *boo* Angela was released in July 2013 with the California Coast Collection (It Girl).

First up though, the new Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat! Julep claims it allows more oxygen to reach the nail resulting in healthier nails. Also, there are silica bits that fill in any ridges and smooth out the nail surface. In the bottle it looks creamy white. No offensive fragrance or anything. It goes on very smoothly and has a good consistency. It dries matte and very smooth. So far, I'm loving it!

(excuse my yellow-stained nails, a curse of doing a mani a day for a month!)
Bare nails with one coat of Julep's Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat.

Okay, onto Angela. She went on very smoothly over the Oxygen base coat. Consistency was perfect, almost no cleanup needed. I used one coat of the Oxygen base coat, 2 layers of Angela, cleaned up a teensy bit with acetone and a small brush, and applied the Oxygen Performance top coat (also new). I followed all this with a touch of Julep's Mighty cuticle serum along my cuticles.

On the Oxygen topcoat… it's not as thick as Freedom and applies easier. I don't like that it's not vegan (I didn't realize this until I was reading the box last night). I assumed Julep was heading into a more animal-friendly world. :/ It dries in about the same time as Freedom. I was hoping for a super glassy finish but nope. It's about as shiny as Freedom. Unfortunately, I can't test out the endurance right now as I have a whole lotta swatching to do (for the Maven box review!).

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro under LED light.

Indoors, cloudy daylight (no sun), near windows.

Outside, overcast day (no sun).

No sun but trying to get the colour shift to show up on camera. It's not a very strong shift but you can see it.

Overall, I love Angela and I'm surprised I waited so long to try her! I will definitely wear this one again! I'm still loving the Oxygen base coat. Not sure how I feel about the Oxygen topcoat, I think I need to use it a few more times to really see how I feel (& see how it holds up through showers and going out and stuff). 

I purchased these products myself. I just checked the Julep site and unfortunately, Angela has been retired and is no longer available. NO idea why Julep would discontinue such a pretty colour!! Either way, try searching around for it. There are a lot of swap/sale groups on Facebook and other sites. You might also be able to find it on store sites like Amazon, eBay and StoreEnvy.
I also checked the Julep site for the Oxygen base coat & topcoat and they are both available individually or as a set to purchase.

NB: I am doing this Month of Julep entirely on my own. I have NO affiliation with Julep whatsoever!! This is just for fun!

Coming up in the next day or so… more Julep month challenge manis, a review of Julep's Time Machine kit, and a review of the Julep June Maven box!

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  1. It reminds me of a beetle colour :) Not in a bad way, of course ;) She's similar to Blakely, I think.
    We got hit really bad here with weather last night too. I am about 45 minutes south of Angus, ON, where they had a tornado touch down around the 5:00 hour last night, so we got off very lucky! The winds and rain were pretty wild!