Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 17: Glam Roc & Cameron

My 1-year old niece Eva is getting into the Julep groove! After her first pedi with Julep's Madison on her birthday, today she demanded a glitter topper! My sister put Julep's Camille over it. So cute! <3

Today's Julep challenge colour is "dark purple". My all-time fav Julep purple is "Trina" but I already used her so I had to go with something different. I have yet to use any of the "stardust" finishes (textured matte glitters) so I chose "Glam Roc" with an accent nail of "Cameron". 

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Julep describes Glam Roc as a, "midnight purple with gold stardust (matte glitter)". Cameron is described as a, "silver lilac stardust (matte glitter)". They were both part of the February 2014 Dramatic Collection (Glam Roc is It Girl & Cameron is Boho Glam).

The formula on both polishes was amazing and I only needed one careful coat of each. The consistency was great - neither too thin/thick. It dried fairly quickly but not so fast that I had to rush or anything. It DOES dry to a textured matte finish. THIS is a problem for me. I think it's pretty aesthetically but I am VERY VERY tactually sensitive. Like if I feel any texture on my nails I pick it to death until it's totally gone. Just like I hate tags in my clothes or the feel of a lot of things (for reals, I am scared of cotton balls!). I own several textured finish polishes and rather than tossing them I just coat them with several layers of topcoat until it's glassy & smooth. Otherwise it's just scratchy sandpaper to me and that drives me bonkers.

So yeah, please note these pics are ALL taken with one layer of Freedom Polymer topcoat on them!!

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro of Glam Roc under LED light.

Macro of Cameron under LED light.

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun), near windows.

Outside, bright daylight, no direct sun.

Outside, direct sun. I took it a bit blurry so you could see the glitter sparkle more (it's super sparkly in real life!).

Macro of Cameron in direct sun. I tried to get one of Glam Roc but the pics all turned out badly, no idea why. :/

Overall, I really like these polishes. But I had a hard time fighting the finish. I used one layer of topcoat on them but after several minutes the glitter kinda sucked up all the topcoat and it was flat and gritty again. I think if I was to do this mani again I'd use a product like Glitter Food by Nail Pattern Boldness (not a Julep product) and a super glassy topcoat like Seche Vite. I did notice when I first put on the Freedom Polymer topcoat it did really enhance the glitter and the colour of the polish. But like I said, it eventually ate up all the topcoat. Some glitters are just "thirsty" and will do this. Glitter Food helps. :) I didn't use it today because it's Julep Month so only Julep products! I could apply another layer of Freedom but I'm scared it would cause shrinkage.

I purchased these polishes myself. I just checked the Julep website and both Glam Roc and Cameron are available and in stock. :)

Up tomorrow… my 2nd favourite colour!

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  1. Ooh I love this! Purple AND sparkly - 2 of my favorite things! :)