Saturday, June 14, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 14: Jules & Venus

Today's post is dedicated to my niece Eva -- today is her 1st birthday!! <3

Birthday girl polished toes! :)
Julep's "Madison".

Ok, onto the post!
Day 14 is "light pink". I have several light pinks by Julep but most recently received "Jules" in my May Maven box and wanted to give her a try. For a glitter accent I went with "Venus".

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Julep describes "Jules" as a, "warm powder pink crème" and she was part of the May 2014 box -- the Fresh Twist collection (It Girl). "Venus" is described by Julep as a, "pink quartz holographic chunky glitter topcoat" and was available as the feature polish in the February 2014 Cupid Mystery Box (Mani Lover's box) and falls under the Bombshell group.

As most pink creamy polishes go, Jules leaned a bit thick and streaky. I tried to keep the layers thin but I ended up doing 3 coats and STILL had some bald spots. I'm not sure if thinner would help? It self-levelled only slightly and was, in all honesty, a pain to work with. The good part is I LOVE the colour! I'm going to try adding thinner and see if that makes it easier to work with. I'd rather have a few thin, even coats than a bunch of thick coats with bald patches.  But like I said, the colour is a perfect powder pink -- very feminine and elegant -- I really do love it!

Venus was a gloopy mess in the bottle but a few drops of thinner (I used Seche Restore -- which I know makes it no longer 3-free) and that thinned it to the perfect consistency. Seriously, if you have a polish by Julep or another company that seems too thick to work with, don't toss it out! You can buy polish thinners at beauty supply stores or online (some are 3-free, some are not) for a reasonable price and they will totally save thick polishes! Whatever you do, do NOT ever add polish remover or acetone to thick polishes, this will ruin them!!

Okay, onto the photos!

Under LED desk lamp.

Macro of glitter accent nail (Venus over Jules) under LED light. It's actually a really pretty glitter, but I think it's too much on this mani.

Indoors, overcast daylight, near windows (no sun). This is the truest-to-real-life out of all the pictures.

Outdoors, overcast daylight (no sun).

No sun today but I angled towards where the sun would be to see if I could get a bit of shine on the glitter.

Overall, I really love the colour of Jules and will try to thin her out a teensy bit and see if that will help. Venus is a great glitter topper, but I think it's too much for this particular base colour -- but hey, I was experimenting and trying to use up some untrieds! :)

I purchased these products myself. I just checked the Julep site and "Jules" is available and in stock. Unfortunately, "Venus" is not available on the site. You can always try swap/sale groups on Facebook and other sites. Or try sale sites like eBay or StoreEnvy.

NB: I am doing this "Month of Julep" entirely independently. I have NO affiliation with Julep whatsoever. This is just for fun!!

Tomorrow will be beautiful! ;)

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