Friday, June 13, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 13: Missy & Joelle

Friday the 13th! I must dedicate today's post to my most favourite author, my hero - Stephen King. May he be rocking the heebie-jeebies today! <3

As predicted, yesterday was not a fun day for me. I'm SO glad I did yesterday's post in advance or there wouldn't be one. I woke up with a migraine. My usual meds wouldn't kill it. I went to my root canal appointment anyway. One good thing about my migraines is they are generally associated with memory loss (I think I dissociate when I have a lot of pain/nausea). Once I was in the chair I was too distracted to really think about much of anything and out I went. The good news is that I was fortunate enough to have been referred to an amazing endodontist (Dr. Jonathan Madras). If you need a root canal and are willing to come to Toronto for it, go to EndoAsleep! I chose zero sedation but they have a wide range of options if you get freaked by dental procedures (everything from a chill pill to completely unconscious). By the time I got home I STILL had a migraine AND the freezing from my root canal was wearing off. The procedure itself went beautifully (better than expected) but it's still tender. All I wanted was a cold dark room with an ice pack on the back of my neck. It was cute, all the kitties came in to take care of me. Phil (my bf) brought me Advil and potatoes. Aww. :) <3

OK. So day 13 of my Month of Julep is "silver". Julep has so many great silver polishes! One that I've had for a while but seemed way too blingy for me to wear is Missy. I was feeling the urge to extra bling her out so I did an accent nail with Joelle. Unfortunately, it's overcast here right now. I'm keeping my eye out for sun and if I see it, I'll tear outside & take some sparkle pics for you. :) UPDATE! The sun peeked out so scroll down to see the sunshine pics!

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"Missy" is described by Julep as a, "titanium metallic" and was released in October 2013 with the Rebel Set collection (It Girl). "Joelle" is described by Julep as a, "full coverage smoky holographic glitter" and was released in December 2013 in the Glitterati collection (Boho Glam).

The formula for Missy was excellent -- probably could have used just one coat but I'm paranoid about bald spots so I used 2. I've heard Missy makes an amazing stamping polish but haven't tried her for stamping yet. Joelle was perfect -- not gloopy at all! I did "strain" her a bit (like I talked about in my "Glitter Skittles" post back on Day 4) to get the most concentration of glitter. I did use 3 coats of Joelle over 1 coat of Missy. I did my usual prep using Julep products and cleaned up with acetone & a brush before topping off with Freedom Polymer topcoat. One thing I will say about Missy is that you will get little bits of silvery polish dust all over your fingertips. It's kind of annoying, but a small sacrifice for awesomely silver foil nails!

As I mentioned, it's overcast here today so I did the best I could.

Under my LED desk lamp.

Macro under LED desk lamp (Joelle over Missy).

Macro under LED light, Missy.

Indoors, overcast daylight (no sun), near windows.

Outside, overcast light (no sun).

Trying to get the holographic glitter to do it's rainbow thing (which you can totally see in real life, no problem), I took this photo under the crazy halogen lights in my hallway.

This was taken next to the light at my front door.

The sun came out! I took these next 2 pics a bit later in the afternoon.

Macro of Joelle over Missy, in direct sunlight outdoors.

Outdoors, direct sun. :)

Overall I like these colours a lot. I'm not sure doing a straight silver foil mani is my thing -- but I will definitely use Missy as a stamping polish -- in fact, I'm looking forward to it! Joelle is so beautiful and I now want to put her on everything! I'm kinda sad that I now have to set her aside for the rest of June!

I purchased these polishes for myself. I just checked the Julep website and both Missy & Joelle are available and in stock.

Tomorrow I'm going for something a bit softer… stay tuned!


  1. Missy is a PAIN to remove - glitter EVERYWHERE!!! If you use the glitter removal kit from Julep (I'm getting mine in the mail today) it'll work like a charm, but I'm sure there will be lots of strays :)
    I'm saving Joelle for Holo day ;)

    1. I plan to use the Julep glitter removal kit (LOVE IT) but am expecting an angry glitter mess. The Julep glycolic hand scrub is good to help get it off too (I use that after taking polish off and follow with Rock Star, love the combo, makes my hands super soft & smell so good!). I'm probably going to use Rebel or Tin Man for my holo day. :) I was just curious to see how Joelle would look over Missy. I wish the damn sun would come out already!! Grr.