Thursday, June 12, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 12: Princess Grace & Diamond Theory

So this post is kind of weird since I did it yesterday (today I'm having a dental procedure and did this in advance so I wouldn't miss a day). But yes, Day 12 of the June is Julep Month challenge is "orange". I have only a few of them -- orange isn't really my colour. Blame my pasty white/see-through-skin genes!  But part of the whole idea behind this challenge is to try new colours and use polishes I would banish to the "untrieds" pile. :)

Wait, what's this Julep challenge thing?? Click here to find out!

I ended up settling on "Princess Grace" and an accent nail with "Diamond Theory".

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So as I mentioned, it's very hard for me to wear orange. I know a LOT of ladies who wear it and look incredible, so please know that I am NOT bashing the colour -- just my failure to rock it!

Julep describes "Princess Grace" as a, "rich papaya crème". She was part of the March 2014 Riviera collection (and is an It Girl). "Diamond Theory" is described as a, "full coverage multidimensional copper glitter". She was released in the February 2014 Dramatic collection.

The formula for both polishes was fine, though "Diamond Theory" was a bit thick/goopy (a few drops of thinner can fix that!). "Princess Grace" could be a one-coat polish but I did 2. I did my usual pre-mani prep, did one layer of Julep's Nail Therapy base coat (the blue one), 2 layers of "Princess Grace", 2 layers of "Diamond Theory" (on the accent nail only), cleaned up with pure acetone and a small brush, applied one layer of Freedom Polymer topcoat and applied Julep's Mighty cuticle serum to finish.

Under LED desk lamp.

Indoors, cloudy daylight, near windows (no sun).

Outside, cloudy daylight (no sun).

Outdoors, cloudy daylight. Sun was trying to peek through the clouds, this is the best I could do. :/

Overall, this shade is really not for me. It's really bright, which I'm not a fan of. I'm too pale to really pull off such a bright warm colour. I felt like I was wearing school bus orange or the orange vests construction workers wear (or maybe those orange cones?). "Diamond Theory" is okay, though as far as copper glitters go, I much prefer Julep's "Jane". I am certain that women with darker skin tones would be able to wear this polish and look absolutely stunning! Like I said, I'm just mad at my inability to wear the colour, not mad at the polish colour itself!

I purchased these products from Julep myself. I just checked the Julep website and both are available and in stock.

NB: I am doing this Month of Julep totally independently. I have NO affiliation with Julep whatsoever!! This is simply just for fun!

Tomorrow I will be back with my next Julep mani! What will be next? Stay tuned! :)

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