Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 10: Kenya

Apologies for the late post, busy and was out of the house most of the day. Rushing to get this done before dinner!

If you've been following along, you know that red is my all-time favourite polish colour. I've had red polished toes non-stop since I was around 15 (no other colours, just red!). I especially love metallic red! I think it's because when I was a kid I saw the movie Corvette Summer (1978) -- yeah I'm really old! Anyway, in the movie there is a candy apple red corvette. I fell in love! (mostly with the colour, not so much the car). So when doing the Julep challenge, I HAD TO include a day for metallic red!

I also realized after doing this mani that today is "wear red day" to honour the RCMP officers that were shot in the line of duty in Moncton, New Brunswick. <3

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I have several Julep metallic reds (maybe all of them??) but I went with Kenya. She is a unique polish, described by Julep as a, "red berry microshimmer". I think more of rich red satin sheets. Kind of the naughty version of a dark red crème! I found her when I purchased the 2013 Holiday Gem collection.

The formula was an absolute dream. I could have almost gotten away with one coat but I did 2 coats of polish to make sure. Cleanup was super easy, no major pink smearing you get with a lot of reds. I did my usual mani prep using all Julep products. I then used Julep's Nail Therapy base coat (the blue one), 2 coats of polish, and one coat of Freedom Polymer topcoat. Just before the topcoat I used some pure acetone and a small brush to clean up around the cuticle then applied Julep's Mighty Cuticle serum.

Under LED desk lamp. This photo is the most true-to-real life as I could get. You can see the micro shimmer in this one! :) <3

 Macro under LED desk lamp.

Indoors, bright daylight, near windows (no direct sun).

Bright daylight, kinda shady.

Direct sunlight.

I am IN LOVE with this colour!! I wish the microshimmer was more evident in the photos. I think the first photo, under the LED light shows it best. I will absolutely use this polish again and again. It's so pretty!!

I purchased this in the Gem collection myself last holiday season. I just checked the Julep site and Kenya is not presently available separately -- but she IS available in the 2013 Gem Collection which IS available and in stock. In other manis I used polishes from the Gem Collection and I definitely think it's worth getting. Maybe put it on your wish list and wait for a coupon code?

NB: I am doing this Month of Julep completely independently. I have NO affiliation with Julep whatsoever! I am doing this for fun!

What's up tomorrow??? Come back and find out! :)

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