Monday, June 16, 2014

Heterochromia Iridum - No, I don't wear contacts!

Kind of an off post -- I promise today's Julep mani is coming later!

I wanted to get into this because I'm frequently asked if I wear contacts because I have "weird" eyes. Nope, no contacts. These are my real eyes & eye colour.

Me in December, 2013.

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I have what is called "Heterochromia Iridium" (my variation is Central Heterochromia). It's a genetic thing. There are different variations -- like some people have one blue eye and one brown (Complete Heterochromia). Some people have a big splotch of a different colour on one eye (Sectoral Heterochromia). In mine, as you can see, I have different central and outer colours with splotches and freckles. I guess it's Central and Sectoral Heterochromia?? I honestly can't even tell you what colour my eyes are! I took a few macro shots (remarkably difficult!!) and this is what they look like today. They can look lighter/darker or more blue/green/grey depending on my mood, the weather, my clothes & makeup. Sometimes I have almost a whole rainbow in there!

This condition is usually congenital (i.e. you are born with it) and it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your eyes -- it's just a pigment thing. There are some illnesses that can mess with your eye colour -- and obviously any sudden change in eye colour or shape (or pupil size) warrants medical attention. But I was born this way. I only wear reading glasses. Because I'm old. Haha.

For these pics, I took them around noon on a semi-cloudy day near the windows (hence the reflections in my eyes of the windows!). I tried to take them outside but it wasn't working. Oh, and no makeup or anything on.

They are usually a light-medium green with a dark blue ring around the outside. The freckles are always there.

Oh, and I took these pics with my iPhone 5 and a cheap macro lens I bought on eBay, so not the best quality. I also have zero photo training so I have no idea how to get rid of shadows/reflections/etc. These are RAW images, no filter and no photoshop. So you get to see my old-lady eyeball skin, freckles, and teeny red veins. Exciting!

My left eye.

My right eye.

So there it is. For the record, I have naturally dark blonde hair (it was platinum when I was a kid). My dad had blonde hair and blue eyes (he had blue eyes but also the dark blue ring around the edges like me). My mom has dark blonde/light brown hair (was platinum when she was a kid) and brown eyes.
Genetics are fun! One of my step-sisters has green eyes but they are solid green with no variations.

Anyway, that sums up the "No, I don't wear contacts. Yes, these are my real eyes" thing. It also means that when I wear eye makeup or clothing that is any shade of dark pink/red/burgundy my eyes stand out like crazy. It's fun. :)