Monday, June 30, 2014

June is Julep Month! A Final Act of Love: EVERY Julep Mani I Have Ever Done!

Okay. So I was just going to do a quick picture summary of the last 30 days' worth of manicures -- but then I thought, what about all the manis I did before June? And I only started this blog in May but I've been a Maven since last September… so heck, let's just dump ALL my Julep manis in one place! I have  283 Julep polishes (you, shush!) but no worries, only 58 pictures to share with you. I'm only showing one photo of each mani. If there is an accompanying blog post, I'll link it so you can check out more pics/info (I like taking lots of pics of each colour in different lighting).

Interested in checking out Julep's polishes and products, go check out their website!

Ready?? Let's go!…

June is Julep Month! Wrap Up, Feelings, and Wishes

Wow! I can't believe I did 30 manis in 30 days PLUS 10 manis to review the June Maven box upgrade! Feels good to create a goal and finish it (however small). :)

The end is bittersweet. I LOVE Julep polishes & products but I've missed my other polishes/products. I did stick to using ONLY Julep stuff for the month as I outlined in my very first post. The only time I had to stray a little bit was when I ran out of the Julep non-acetone polish remover (I have the remover pads but they contain lanolin and I have a wicked allergy). I used another brand until my refill order arrived in the mail a few days ago.

What I "used up" during the month:

  • 1-1/2 bottles of Julep's non-acetone polish remover
  • one bottle of Freedom Polymer topcoat
  • one bottle of Nail Therapy base coat (the blue one)
  • a package of square cotton makeup remover pads
  • one e.l.f. concealer brush (I use this with pure acetone to do mani cleanup, after a while the bristles get all frazzled)
  • 1/2 bottle of Julep's cuticle oil (rollerball one)
  • 1/2 tube of Julep's glycolic hand scrub
  • 1/2 tube of Julep's Rock Star hand cream
  • 1/4 bottle of Vanish cuticle remover/softener
  • one thing of Julep's Mighty cuticle serum
It was all worth it! 

How many untried Julep polishes did I use this month? Between polishes, undies, toppers, etc., I used 59 untried Juleps! Some I loved, some not so much. I had a few surprises in there.

  • I LOVE Julep's non-acetone polish remover. I think I used it once and didn't like the smell. This time I used a small fan on my desk and it worked out well. It removes everything and is moisturizing. I've tried a lot of polish removers, and this one is one of my all-time favs!
  • I really loved almost ALL the polishes I tried. I think the only ones that didn't work for me were some of the yellow & orange shades (not a surprise)… except "Karen" -- a peachy orange that looks awesome!
  • The new Oxygen Smoothing base coat and Oxygen Performance topcoat are amazing!
  • The June Maven Three Wishes Collection is my all-time fav polish collection of ANY brand.
Some wishes for the future:
  • A comprehensive list of all the Julep polishes ever made, available on their site with a status (i.e. retired, available, limited availability, etc).
  • The ability to maintain a list in your account of all the polishes you already own so you don't end up accidentally buying dupes.
  • Restock the matte topcoat!! I WISH I had this during Julep Month but they were out of stock the entire time *sad face*
  • Bigger refills for the polish remover!
  • No lanolin in any of their products!
  • Kenya should be available outside the Gem Collection & Fina shouldn't be retired. Neither should a LOT of other colours!
  • Julep should do a "Retro" collection -- each polish could be a year (i.e. 1920, 1930, 1940, etc) and reflect the fashion trends/colours of each decade.
  • More holos!!!!!
  • Shipping. Oh my. Get it together, make it faster. I would GLADLY pay for shipping if it meant my stuff would get here sooner! Even getting it out of the warehouse faster would help.
  • "Send it now" option during the Maven window. I usually know on the 20th what I want & don't need 4 days to decide. This would speed up box processing and delivery I would think.
  • Bloggers (*ahem*) doing swatches for Julep instead of the studio shots/photoshop they currently use. I think everyone agrees this would sell a LOT more polish!
  • Julep should make a polish thinner (3-free). No offence to Julep but over time & with use, polish gets thick. Some formulas are thicker than others. Smaller bottles mean polish thickens faster. It's just the nature of paint! Having a Julep brand thinner makes sense.
  • Julep should make a polish bottle holder. The rubber ones you can buy online are too big/ugly for the slender Julep bottles. They could make a metal filigree one with gripper feets so it doesn't tip over. Or have it slightly angled so you can get the polish when you're near the bottom of the bottle. And not plastic, it has to be polish-remover-friendly! Make it pretty, make it functional.
  • Have a Canadian office. And hire me to work there. LOL. :)
What do I need backups of now?
  • ALL the June Three Wishes polishes!
  • Kenya
  • Fina
  • Demi
  • Ivy (I only have a mini!)
  • Jet (best black polish EVER!)
  • Denver
  • Ellie
  • Julianne
I'm sure there are others I'm not thinking of right now.

So yeah, crazy month! I have no regrets, it was great fun. My nails are kind of a mess now from all the polish remover, acetone, polish, glitter, etc. I'm going to cut them back a bit and give them a few days of rest (after my Canada Day mani for tomorrow, of course!).

Up next, my final act of Julep love… a post featuring every Julep mani I have done since becoming a Maven last September.

June is Julep Month! Day 30: Julianne & Percy

Aww… last day of Julep Month. :( I've had SO MUCH fun over the last 30 days! And I must give kudos and extra love & kisses to Erica who has been keeping up and doing daily Julep manis with me! Visit her blog and her Instagram!! <3

Wait… what's a "Julep Month"?? Click here! :)

Day 30 is "dusty blue". I saved one of my favs for last, I'm a sucker for blue-grey shades! I decided to use Julianne & an accent nail of Percy -- I'm really surprised that I haven't used either of them, but bought them last year! Crazy!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 29: Ellie & Brenda


Toronto is all kinds of crazy today as we celebrate World Pride Day! Unfortunately, over the last week I had 3 migraines and sun hives so I need to stay indoors and miss the parade. *boo* But I can't risk it, I would just get sick and have to come home. So I'm celebrating from afar!

And Day 29! Already?! Only one more manicure left in the Julep mani challenge. It's bittersweet. I'm looking forward to using other polish brands that I miss (no offence to Julep, obviously!) but I've had so much fun over the past month! I will do a followup post and talk about how this month was. Come look for it in the next day or so!

Day 29 is "pearl" and though I own a few Julep pearls (Isla & Ellie, for example), I am surprised I have never tried Ellie!! I wanted to do an accent nail so I chose Brenda. :)

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 28: Karen & Adele

Wow! I'm still shocked it's already the end of June! After today there are only 2 manis left in the Julep Month mani challenge. It went by so fast!
What is Julep Month?? Click here for the details!

Day 28 is "peach/coral". This one was a bit tricky for me. Because I'm super pale, these warmer shades don't look good on me. I buy them because they're pretty but then they sit there because I can't pull off the shade. I ended up choosing "Karen" with a glitter accent nail of "Adele".

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Friday, June 27, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 27: Rebel

Almost at the end of Julep month! Wow!

I had another migraine today (I really cannot tolerate the sun whatsoever, I get hives and stuff, even with sunscreen, it's gross), so another late post. The final 3 manis will be posted earlier -- along with my final, summary post. :)

Day 27 in the Julep Month mani challenge is "holo" (as in holographic). For those of you who don't know, a holographic polish is one that has either a "scattered" holographic shimmer -- it reminds me of old-school fuzzy tv images or "linear" holographic shimmer where it looks like there is a rainbow arc or line down your nail. These look different in different lighting. Under regular light you almost can't see the holo effect -- but in sunlight or under halogen lights, it's absolutely stunning! I will do a blog post soon talking more about holo polishes.

Julep only has a few holographic polishes (I only have 2 of the 3 they have made & both of mine are silver). I went with "Rebel".

Crazy late to the party but want to know what the Julep Month thing is all about? Click here!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 26: Margot & Paris

Sorry for the late post, another migraine today (I'm super sun/heat sensitive & was out today).

Day 26 is "gold" and I had already used my all-time fav gold polish (Julep's Zelda) so I decided to go with "Margot". I wanted to try a glitter as well and chose "Paris" for my accent nail.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 25: Evelyn

Okay, so here is today's post (finally feeling caught up!). A little late on both, I know. We're almost finished the month, I'm not stopping now!

So Day 25 is "burgundy/plum". I wasn't sure what to go with here -- I had some really dark ones. I settled on "Evelyn" because she looks sooo pretty in the bottle!

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June is Julep Month! Day 24: Leila & Andrea

Soooo sorry for not posting yesterday! I had a severe migraine and wasn't capable of much. I am making it up today though and posting both Day 24 and Day 25. :)

Day 24 is "yellow", not my most favourite polish colour. Us pasty pale ladies have a hard time wearing the warm colours. But I did have a few in my untried Julep stash. I settled on "Leila".

What the heck is a Month of Julep challenge?? Click here!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 23: Brit

Late but not forgotten! Busy day!

Day 23 of the June is Julep Month challenge is "grey". Appropriate because it's now raining and grey outside. :) After trying and falling in love with Hailee I was super eager to give Brit a try, so she is featured in today's mani.

If you're late to the party and want to know more about this Julep Month mani challenge, Click here!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 22: Janel & Mila

Day 22! I think it's now officially the "home stretch" of the Julep challenge month. One more week! At the end, I will do a retrospective post with pics of all my Julep manis EVER (all the ones from this month and those previous, including my pre-blog ones!). I'll also have comments on what I learned this month, my loves/dislikes, what surprised me, what I found most challenging, and what I hope Julep will do in the future. :)

If you're coming in late and want to know more about the June is Julep Month mani challenge, click here!

So Day 22 is "dark pink". Yikes! So many to choose from. The weird thing is, I'm not really a "pink" person, it's not a colour I reach for often. But hey, this is a challenge, right?? SO, I ended up going with Janel and doing an accent nail using Mila. WOW! is all I can say!

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 21: Denver

Happy Summer Solstice! Today is the longest day of the year -- enjoy it! The weather here in Toronto is amazing, totally perfect! :)

For those of you who don't know or forgot, the July Julep Maven window opened yesterday so make sure to pick your box for July! You have until Tuesday the 24th to make your selections! The theme is "The Poolside Collection" & you can see all the colours/options on Julep's blog here!!
Unfortunately, I think I'll have to skip July (financial reasons). Sad, sad panda. :(

If you're not a Julep Maven, consider signing up! If you have any questions about the subscription box, I'd be happy to answer them for you.

(umm… what's this Julep challenge all about?? click here!)

So Day 21 is "mint". I had a few to choose from and I decided to go with Denver! She reminds me of a seafoam green Vespa.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

June is Julep Month! Julep's Entire Three Wishes Collection Reviewed & Swatched in full!

Wow. Okay. First of all, this entry is VERY picture-heavy. For reals. But it's worth it, trust me!

Second, this is my all-time favourite Julep collection EVER! Seriously, if Julep was to create a collection just for me, this would be it. I love every single colour. This collection is so "me", it's not even funny. I am in absolute love!!! <3

I want to eat these! They are THAT pretty! <3

Julep calls this the "Three Wishes" collection but it reminds me of fairy tales, princesses, castles, and all things sparkly and girly. I wonder if you will agree??

If so… follow along…

MUCH more after the jump!!

June is Julep Month! Day 20: Celia

Day 20 is upon us! I will have 2 posts today -- my usual daily mani for the challenge AND a post featuring swatches and pics of the June Three Wishes Collection (which I am SUPER excited about!!!). I was a bit slow on this for 2 reasons: I just received my June box 2 days ago (*boo*) and yesterday I had more dental work done & wasn't feeling so hot when I got home. Either way, I just need to put the post together and you will get to see the awesomeness that has become my most favourite Julep collection ever. Hands down, no question. :)

But for today!! Day 20 is "chrome green". I had this one picked out from day one -- "Celia"!

Wait, what's this challenge thing all about?? Click here!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 19: Farrah

Hello my lovelies! Doing this a bit early because I have another appointment with the endodontist this afternoon (argh). I'm almost done swatching all the June Maven Box colours, hoping to have that done tonight or tomorrow afternoon at the absolute latest -- I hope you come back to see! They are stunning!

But today is Day 19 and that means "lavender". I struggled with this one but settled on "Farrah" because I have yet to use one of the "silk finish" polishes.

Wait! What's Julep month?? Click here!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June is Julep Month! Product Review: Time Machine!

So June is Julep Month? What the heck is that?? Click here to find out!

Before I review the June Maven Box, I want to review one of the products I chose as an add-on (well, 2 products really). It's called "Time Machine" and contains a glycerin/glycolic peel-off mask and a sunscreen -- both for your hands. I saw this kit at Sephora and was tempted to get it but never did. When I saw it available as an add-on this month, I grabbed it!

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June is Julep Month! Day 18: Angela + Julep's new Oxygen Duo!

Last night I received my June Maven Box (Polish Lover's Upgrade + 3 add-ons + freebies!). I will do a full box review with swatches as soon as I can. I did want to get today's mani up before starting the Maven box review though!

The one thing from my Maven box that I AM using today is the new Oxygen duo (a smoothing base coat and performance top coat). I'll give you my opinions here today!
Day 18 already! I know I say that everyday like it's a big shock but this month really is going by so fast! We had crazy storms here last night, I nearly lost all my balcony stuff!
Anyway, Day 18 of my Month of Julep challenge is "teal". I've had this colour for a long time and haven't used her -- no idea why! Her name is "Angela" and what a beauty she is!

Wait, what's this "Month of Julep" thing? Click here!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 17: Glam Roc & Cameron

My 1-year old niece Eva is getting into the Julep groove! After her first pedi with Julep's Madison on her birthday, today she demanded a glitter topper! My sister put Julep's Camille over it. So cute! <3

Today's Julep challenge colour is "dark purple". My all-time fav Julep purple is "Trina" but I already used her so I had to go with something different. I have yet to use any of the "stardust" finishes (textured matte glitters) so I chose "Glam Roc" with an accent nail of "Cameron". 

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Monday, June 16, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 16: Francis

In the home stretch! Okay, maybe not quite there yet, but June is totally flying by -- at least for me. I'm loving the Julep challenge but I'm also missing my other polishes (I have hundreds). I'm sticking it out though! I still have another 2 weeks!

What's this "Julep Month" thing all about? Click here!!

Speaking of weeks… I STILL have NOT received my June Maven box yet!! What's up with that Julep?? Seriously?! Maven boxes used to show up in about a week, now it's more like 3. The next Maven window opens on Friday, I wonder if I'll have my box by then? Not impressed!! >:|

Anyway, what is today's shade?? Day 16 is "light green". There were so many greens I could choose from but I have been really interested in trying "Francis" for a long time! Whenever I hear the name and see the colour, I always think of Francis (Baby) from Dirty Dancing (1987) -- probably because that movie came out when I was in high school. Lol.

The colour also reminds me of the super trendy avocado green kitchens (& everything else!) that were so popular in the 1970's!
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Heterochromia Iridum - No, I don't wear contacts!

Kind of an off post -- I promise today's Julep mani is coming later!

I wanted to get into this because I'm frequently asked if I wear contacts because I have "weird" eyes. Nope, no contacts. These are my real eyes & eye colour.

Me in December, 2013.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 15: Fina

Happy Father's Day!

Unfortunately, my dad died in 1978 (suicide sucks) & I miss him tons! I still like to think of him on this day and wish he was around (okay, I think those things pretty much everyday, but ESPECIALLY on father's day). I hope you guys are giving out some dad love today!

I can't believe I'm already halfway through my Month of Julep (what the heck is a Month of Julep?? Click here for the details!. Day 15 is "chrome blue" which actually works out perfectly because my dad had these crazy blue eyes (I got my heterochromia from him!). I chose "Fina" for today's mani.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 14: Jules & Venus

Today's post is dedicated to my niece Eva -- today is her 1st birthday!! <3

Birthday girl polished toes! :)
Julep's "Madison".

Ok, onto the post!
Day 14 is "light pink". I have several light pinks by Julep but most recently received "Jules" in my May Maven box and wanted to give her a try. For a glitter accent I went with "Venus".

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Friday, June 13, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 13: Missy & Joelle

Friday the 13th! I must dedicate today's post to my most favourite author, my hero - Stephen King. May he be rocking the heebie-jeebies today! <3

As predicted, yesterday was not a fun day for me. I'm SO glad I did yesterday's post in advance or there wouldn't be one. I woke up with a migraine. My usual meds wouldn't kill it. I went to my root canal appointment anyway. One good thing about my migraines is they are generally associated with memory loss (I think I dissociate when I have a lot of pain/nausea). Once I was in the chair I was too distracted to really think about much of anything and out I went. The good news is that I was fortunate enough to have been referred to an amazing endodontist (Dr. Jonathan Madras). If you need a root canal and are willing to come to Toronto for it, go to EndoAsleep! I chose zero sedation but they have a wide range of options if you get freaked by dental procedures (everything from a chill pill to completely unconscious). By the time I got home I STILL had a migraine AND the freezing from my root canal was wearing off. The procedure itself went beautifully (better than expected) but it's still tender. All I wanted was a cold dark room with an ice pack on the back of my neck. It was cute, all the kitties came in to take care of me. Phil (my bf) brought me Advil and potatoes. Aww. :) <3

OK. So day 13 of my Month of Julep is "silver". Julep has so many great silver polishes! One that I've had for a while but seemed way too blingy for me to wear is Missy. I was feeling the urge to extra bling her out so I did an accent nail with Joelle. Unfortunately, it's overcast here right now. I'm keeping my eye out for sun and if I see it, I'll tear outside & take some sparkle pics for you. :) UPDATE! The sun peeked out so scroll down to see the sunshine pics!

What's this Month of Julep thing??? click here.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 12: Princess Grace & Diamond Theory

So this post is kind of weird since I did it yesterday (today I'm having a dental procedure and did this in advance so I wouldn't miss a day). But yes, Day 12 of the June is Julep Month challenge is "orange". I have only a few of them -- orange isn't really my colour. Blame my pasty white/see-through-skin genes!  But part of the whole idea behind this challenge is to try new colours and use polishes I would banish to the "untrieds" pile. :)

Wait, what's this Julep challenge thing?? Click here to find out!

I ended up settling on "Princess Grace" and an accent nail with "Diamond Theory".

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 11: Something Blue & Camille

Day 11 already! I have officially run out of Julep's non-acetone polish remover (*sad face*). When I started the challenge at the beginning of June, they were out of stock. They are now restocked, but even if I order it today with expedited shipping, it wouldn't make it here before the end of June. *boo* I will order some in the future but it's moot for this particular challenge.

What is this Month of Julep challenge?? Click here.

So today's challenge colour is light blue. I have so many! But since this is the season of weddings, I decided to go with "Something Blue". I also really wanted to try a coordinating glitter polish -- another tough one since I have so many -- I settled on "Camille". I only have a mini of her, so sad! I need to order a full-size because she is amazing!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 10: Kenya

Apologies for the late post, busy and was out of the house most of the day. Rushing to get this done before dinner!

If you've been following along, you know that red is my all-time favourite polish colour. I've had red polished toes non-stop since I was around 15 (no other colours, just red!). I especially love metallic red! I think it's because when I was a kid I saw the movie Corvette Summer (1978) -- yeah I'm really old! Anyway, in the movie there is a candy apple red corvette. I fell in love! (mostly with the colour, not so much the car). So when doing the Julep challenge, I HAD TO include a day for metallic red!

I also realized after doing this mani that today is "wear red day" to honour the RCMP officers that were shot in the line of duty in Moncton, New Brunswick. <3

Want to know more about my Month of Julep? Click here!

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Monday, June 09, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 9: Greta & Love

This month is zipping by! I love June -- no humidity, warm days, cool nights. Kinda like fall in reverse. :) I absolutely abhor summer. I don't get along well with the sun. I burn quickly and get really sick. Almost like I have a sun allergy. For reals, I don't go out in the summer unless I absolutely have to. Even then, I drown myself in SPF 110, wear hats, and hunker in the shade. Not my thing.

Anyway, today's colour is "chrome pink". I have THE perfect colour -- unfortunately I already used it for my Valentine's Day mani so I can't use it today. It was "Aphrodite" and is the prettiest chrome pink ever! I got her in one of the 3 Valentine's Mystery Boxes (I bought all 3 and then got mad because even though they said there wouldn't be product/polish overlap, there was! It seems like they're getting better at this though). Anyway, I don't have another Julep chrome pink so I had to go with something kinda chrome-y. And pink? Not sure really. Kinda fuschia-purple. She is called "Greta". I did an accent nail with "Love". Not sure how well it turned out, what do you think??

Oh, and if you wanna know more about my Month of Julep challenge, click here.

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Sunday, June 08, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 8: Hailee

Today's Julep challenge colour is "dark green". I had several to choose from but I didn't want to go with the super/almost black ones. I feel like I've been doing a lot of those on other days and wanted something different. I almost went with "Emerald City" from the Wizard of Oz collection but that didn't seem right for a "dark green". Since today is kind of overcast/rainy/blah I picked "Hailee".

Click here for more info on my Month of Julep challenge.

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Saturday, June 07, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 7: Paulette & Yumi + Julep's Nail Moisture Masks

Wow! Day 7 already. :) I've been having fun with this and so far I'm not missing my other polish brands too much (thought I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss them at all).

What's this "Month of Julep" thing?? Click here to find out!

Day 7 is "light purple". It was a serious toss-up. I already used "Rae" & "Rosa" so those were out. I had "Tina", "Paulette" and "Simone" on my desk. Hmm… tempting to use "Tina" for obvious reasons! "Simone" didn't seem right for some reason. I settled on "Paulette" -- which is great because I've been super excited about her! I wanted a glitter accent and chose "Yumi".

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Friday, June 06, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 6: Fiore

I can't believe the first week is almost over! It went by quickly. I'm *finally* starting to feel like myself again, the antibiotics must be working! No pain! Hurray! :)

So Day 6 of my Month of Julep is "brown". Oddly, I have several brown Julep shades -- more than I realized until I grouped them together. My favourite is Chloe -- but I already used her last fall & this challenge demands "untrieds". I almost went with my most-loathed one, Rooney, but I couldn't bring myself to do it (sorry Julep!). I thought I had Olivia which I would have done but when I looked I don't actually have her. *sad face* I ended up going with Fiore.

(for those of you who don't know, I'm doing an entire month of using just Julep nail products & colours, you can read about my plans and my "rules" HERE.)

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Thursday, June 05, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 5: Jet & Bunny

Again, late in the day with the mani post. Forgive me, still not feeling super hot and dental issues ongoing (I need a root canal, very long story spanning the last year & a half, no worries, won't bore you!).

So today's Julep challenge day is black & white.

I'm sure most of you are aware that I'm doing an entire month of only Julep nail products & colours. No?? Okay, read all about it HERE!

Before I jump into today's mani, let me tell you how I got yesterday's thick glitter mani off in a few minutes with no stress, hassle or crying. :) I used Julep's Party's Over Glitter Removal kit! I seriously cannot rave about this enough, it beats the foil method and the scrubbing/soaking. It's so fast and easy! I did a review about it recently, skip onto it HERE!

I had no idea what to do for today's black & white mani. I'm not really the creative/artistic type when it comes to my nails and prefer straight colours, nothing too crazy. But I figured I needed to branch out a bit and try something new -- which is kinda the whole point of doing a daily mani challenge, right? This is what came out of it! Not perfect by a long shot, but I'll explain why & give you some tips. :)

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 4: Skittles!

Sorry for such a late post today. I had an urgent dental appointment and kinda feel like poo. :(

What is this Julep Month thing all about??? Click here!

But yes! The "skittles". What do I mean when I say "skittles" in reference to nail polish? It just means painting each nail a different colour. :)

To mix things up and make it crazier…

See what's going on behind here after the jump!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

June is Julep Month! Day 3: Tatum

This challenge is proving to be more fun than I expected!

What's this Julep Challenge all about??? Click here!

I'm falling in love with the Julep non-acetone polish remover (despite the smell), it works SO WELL and fast! It also doesn't dry out my nails at all, which is really surprising! I want more! I just wish that (a) it was in stock on their site, (b) the refills came in bigger bottles, and (c ) in an alternate universe the smell wouldn't bug me.

Today's colour is… chartreuse! What the heck is "chartreuse"?? It's just a fancy name for a yellowish green. It's a tricky polish colour to pull off because… well… it can easily lean too yellow and just look … sick. It's also not a popular colour, which is why it's good for a polish challenge. It kinda forces you to try a colour you wouldn't normally wear. :) I HAVE used a chartreuse before ("Panacea" by Cirque, a holo chartreuse) so I'm not entirely unfamiliar with this shade. And if they get the colour balance right, it can totally rock!

So what shades of Julep are chartreuse?? I dug through the greens I have and I was soooo excited to try… Tatum!!

Sooo much more after the jump!
Did my nails turn blue from Lacey?? Do I still feel weird about Freedom topcoat??
How do you wear such a crazy green?
Find out… ;)

(oh, and lots of pictures, sorry!)

Monday, June 02, 2014

June is Julep Month! - Day 2: Lacey

So continuing on with Day 2 of my June is Julep Month! challenge… dark blue! Before getting to the goodies, a few words!

Welcome to everyone who decided to do this challenge with me! I'm so excited to see your mani photos & hear your comments! I am posting all my mani pics on my Instagram (IG: miss_tina) and using the hashtags: #juneisjulepmonth and #monthofjulep. Feel free to use them also!
If you are not able to do a new mani everyday (few of us are, really) then pick a handful of days to do and join in! It's a good way to use some untrieds and find some new favourites. :)

One part of this is learning new ways of doing things, using new products and seeing what works/doesn't work for me. Today I went to take off my Day 1 mani (which was Demi - a dark red crème) using Julep's acetone-free polish remover and was very surprised to see how well it very quickly removed all traces of red polish! I had NO staining on my nails from the red polish (though I did use Julep's nail therapy base coat, the blue one). I also had no staining on my skin from the polish. Yay!!! Red is usually such a bugger to remove!
My ONLY complaint is the smell of the remover. I seem to be hyper-sensitive to non-acetone polish removers (doesn't matter which brand, they all make me cough and gag). So while removing polish I had a little fan blowing on my desk which helped immensely. It's not Julep's fault, the remover is awesome, it's just my wonky physiology.

Anyway, today I also sorted all my Juleps (228, still waiting on my June box!!) into colour groups - I previously had them sorted by collection. I think this will make my Month Of Julep challenge easier!

Onto today's mani… out of all my dark blue Julep polishes, the one I was MOST eager to try was Lacey!

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Sunday, June 01, 2014

June is Julep Month - Day 1: Demi

Today is the first day of my Month Of Julep challenge and day 1 is red crème. I had several to choose from in my collection. I had previously used Molly. I settled on "Demi" because it is a gorgeous colour, described by Julep as a, "Deep dark red crème".
More after the jump!

June is Julep Month!!

I was considering doing this for a long time but wasn't sure I could handle doing a full month with just *one* brand. But I decided it's time and I'm devoting the month of June entirely to Julep -- everything from nail products to colour. I have sooo many untried Julep polishes, I thought this would give me the perfect opportunity to use them.

Here is the colour chart I made up and will go by (yes, DAILY manis!):

There will be some guidelines and rules, however… more after the jump!