Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Zoya - Happi

Feeling a little inspired to wear pink (yep, it's Wednesday), I wanted to go for a light pink. I asked my lady friends and there was a toss-up between a few shades I selected. Unable to decide between two of them (Dior Princess or Zoya Happi), I literally spun them around, closed my eyes and picked. Zoya's Happi won!

This is one of my untrieds that I bought recently (in the past few months). I had been eyeballing it for a while and finally just added it onto another order I was placing. I'm always worried when wearing anything warm-leaning because I'm super pale and it looks weird -- but this is kind of a bubblegum pink saturated with gold shimmer. It's really quite pretty! There has been some question about Julep's "Laree" looking too similar. And while it's a pink-with-gold-shimmer, the Julep one is darker and less gold-shimmery. The Zoya one is a very light/bright bubblegum pink. The Julep one is a dark, almost salmony pink (but it's also fairly bright). They are different, trust me!

If you've been perusing my blog you know that yesterday I had on the imPRESS press-on mani nails. They lasted until about 9:30pm and then I peeled them off. They were just so buggy and I'm crazy sensitive to textures. The good news is, they didn't damage my nails at all and were pretty easy to peel off. :) But now I have short little nails that look goofy to me! Fortunately my nails grow really fast.

This shade is from Zoya's Spring 2010 Reverie collection and is described as "Pink metallic duochrome. A frosty hint of gold creates a unique peachy-pink". I think it's fair to call it a duochrome but I don't think I would classify it as such. Peachy pink? Yes, in some lighting it looks more bubblegum pink, other light it looks more peachy.

The formula was not my favourite. The brush is small (which I like because I have small nail beds). The formula was semi-sheer but took FOREVER to dry -- and I was doing thin-to-average coats. For these pics I did 3 coats of polish plus a layer of Seche Vite. It was still easily dent-y after the Seche (which is weird) so I used Julep's Ta Da! quick dry drops over that -- and I STILL got dents! I did let the polish dry between coats and the topcoat as well. Just annoying really. :/

This first pic is under the LED desk lamp.

Macro (under LED light).

Indoor/daylight (near the windows, it's cloudy today).

Outside on the balcony, cloudy day, no sunlight.

It's a really pretty colour and fairly unique. It just takes a long time to dry so you have to wait (or get dents, like I did!). I'm not a "pink" person but I really like this one! And the gold isn't bugging me like I thought it would. I think the richness of the pink takes over. :)

I purchased this myself from Nail Polish Canada (I just checked and as of right now they have it in stock). You can also buy it directly from Zoya (but know they don't ship outside of the USA at this time, unfortunately). It's been around for 4 years, I'm sure you can find it in a lot of places! 

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