Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Julep's Party's Over Glitter Removal Kit

Like most polish lovers, I HATE removing glitter polish. It takes FOREVER to scrub it off using regular polish remover (don't even think about using non-acetone remover). The alternative was to pick it off -- and ruin my nails. I eventually heard about Target's Up&Up brand acetone remover that comes in a little tub. Instead of a sponge inside like most brands, it has a soft plastic bristly scrubber thing. You basically just put your finger in and move it up & down until the polish comes off. It works pretty well except it's killer on your cuticles. The acetone turns your skin white but it washes off easily.

Then I heard about the "Foil Method" -- you can Google it or find videos on YouTube if you're curious. Basically you put an acetone-soaked cotton ball on your fingertip, wrap it in foil, wait 5 minutes and voila! No more glitter polish! This method works extremely well -- but it's messy (drips everywhere) and hard to get the foils on when you're alone and want to do all 10 nails at once (I used to make my boyfriend wrap the last ones that were too awkward for me to do myself).

And then… Julep came out with a "Party's Over Glitter Removal Kit"!! I was super psyched about this and bought it the minute they posted them on their site. Even the name is absolutely PERFECT! (reminds me of the line in "Weird Science" when Anthony Michael Hall passes out in that bar and Lisa says, "Party's over!" LOL).
But… What's in it?? How does it work? DOES it work??

See for yourself… (taking off Enchanted Polish's "Ciao Milano")

So the kit comes in a little box (sorry, bought it months ago and threw the box away!) with 10 REUSABLE finger caps and 5 packets of polish remover pads (10 per packet). I emphasis that the caps are reusable because some people assumed the kit would only work for 5 manicures and then you'd have to toss it so it wouldn't be worth the price. No sister, these puppies will last you forever! They are very durable and are latex-free (made of PVC, as per Julep, I asked!). The "thumb" ones are slightly larger than the "finger" ones.

My only gripe is with the polish remover pads. They have lanolin in them (as per the ingredients listing on the package, I also confirmed with Julep to make sure). I have a wicked violent allergy to lanolin. SO, I cannot use these polish remover pads. Instead, I put them in gift bags and such. *boo* :( If you are not allergic to lanolin, you will love these! They are little fabric squares saturated in polish remover and fit the size of the nail beautifully. You can buy them from the Julep website also ("Party's Over Refill", I think it's about $8 for 10 packets).

This is what the cap looks like. It's pretty firm and kinda bows in at the middle. It holds this shape even when you have your finger in there -- but it doesn't squish you or pinch or anything. I have small fingers and they work well on me (they don't fall off) and there is still lots of room to accommodate larger fingers/longer nails.

To get them on, you just pinch in the sides and they open wide, like a big mouth. When you let go, they spring back to their original shape (kinda grabbing onto your finger!). I've used these a lot, hence residual glitter!

Since I can't use Julep's polish remover pads, I make my own! I cannot stand the feel of cotton balls (seriously, I have a fear of them), I take a cotton makeup remover square (the large ones) and cut it into 10 nail-sized pieces.

I put the little bits into a small glass dish & saturate them with acetone.

Then, I place a pad onto my fingernail as you would a Julep remover pad…

I place the black cap over the pad on the nail and let everyone settle in for about 5 minutes. You can still do stuff with them on -- they won't go flying off randomly. I mean, you probably couldn't go pee so maybe do that before you start. But you can read a book or go online or whatever. :) 
They make me feel like Minnie Mouse! Sorry for the blurry pic, I had the caps on when I took this pic. :)

After 5 minutes or so you kinda press down on the top part of your nail and twist/press/pull the caps off. As you can see, there's some residual glitter left along the edges of my nails. I just take a Q-Tip dipped in acetone and remove it. It comes off super easy!

I always wash my hands and the caps when I'm finished and set them out to dry on a paper towel. They came in a small zip-loc baggie so I store them in there.

I LOVE these! SOOO easy and fast. They don't make a mess and I can do them when I'm alone. :)

I purchased these from Julep but I think you can also get them at Sephora now. They go on sale a lot in the Secret Store so if you're a Julep Maven, you might want to wait to get them a bit cheaper.

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