Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Julep's Moisture Mask Trio

I'm sure you've seen these floating around on the Julep site and in the Secret Store. They are special moisture-saturated covers that you slip onto your hands/nails/feet and wear for 30 minutes -- guaranteed to create softy smushy bliss!

I first tried the nail ones I got in the "Mind Your Mani" kit from Julep (has 3 sets of moisture masks, a Mighty Cuticle Serum pen, an Oxygen Nail Treatment, and a Freedom Polymer topcoat). I can't remember how much I paid for it but it was over the holiday season so it must've been a good price! (Julep has the best holiday sales!). I LOVE the nail masks!! Seriously, I leave them on for 30 minutes (you can still use touch-screen devices with them on but be careful, they get slippery and can slide off your fingers easily). They're like little paper fabric covers that go over your fingertip, about down to the first knuckle. Inside is the serum. Feels kind of slimy at first but you get used to it. When you take them off your nails look amazing!!

I snagged the Moisture Mask Trio wondering what it would be like. Feet, hands, and nails?? I was dying of curiosity!

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The moisture masks come in 3 large foil packets inside a side-slide box. I had no idea what they would look like once opened -- I had used the nail ones before and knew what to expect but what about the others?

I read the box carefully for evil ingredients (lanolin allergy, they put that crap in everything!) -- and yay! no monsters! :)
The foil packets have a pretty plain front and on the back it has instructions for use and an ingredients listing. They recommend 20-30 minutes, I always go for 30. :)

I decided to do the feet ones first, thinking it would be easier to do hands later. Good idea. :)
They're a foot-shaped bootie kinda thing with a sticker tab to close it around your ankle. I'm a size 7 (US) size feet and these fit me comfortably. I think if you were a 9 or bigger you'd have trouble with these, unfortunately. :/  Update! My darling friend Miss Katrina just let me know that she is a size 10 and the feet masks fit her comfortably! Yay!

They are nice & squishy/slimy inside, not good for running around the house in. They are very secure though once the sticker tab is applied. Put yer feets up and enjoy!

Onto the hands. Since these are full-coverage glove-type thingies I'm not going to do the nail ones in this blog post. You wouldn't need both the hand & nail ones at the same time. Save the nail packet for next time! Here's what the hand ones look like:

 And this is how silly you look once they're on. :) Charming, wearing the booties and the gloves. Glad my dear bf was at work! Again, they fit snug with the sticker tab done up. I have small hands (at work I wear small latex gloves) but there is room in these. 

After taking them off my feet & hands there was quite a bit of residual serum. I rubbed a lot of it in then blotted off the rest with a paper towel. My hands/feet were crazy soft and supple!! They did feel a bit sticky after about 10 minutes so I gave them a quick rinse before doing my mani/pedi. Here is how my hands/nails looked after (sorry, don't have a "before" pic, but they were dry). I'm not showing you a picture of my feet because I think feet pictures are gross. To me, anyway. 

As mentioned, I bought these from Julep. They are available from Julep (Moisture Mask Trio for all 3, the package of nail ones only comes in just the "Mind Your Mani" kit at this time -- presently in stock and on sale for $30 [Maven pricing]). I have also seen them at Sephora.


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