Friday, May 02, 2014

Julep - Molly

I love red polish. It's my favourite and I want to try them ALL. I've had Molly for a while but it's been sitting in my "untrieds" pile for a long time. It's an older polish, Julep might still have a few kicking around but I believe it's retired. (I just checked, as of this moment, they have it in stock & on sale for $4.99, free shipping for Maven subscribers, of course). It has the older skinny brush which I didn't like so I used the Plié Wand with Precision Brush cap (it's shorter and flat like their normal brushes). Julep describes this shade as classic red crème. I used 2 coats of polish and one of topcoat.

Molly under my LED desk lamp.

Molly outside (cloudy).

While not my absolute favourite red (Julep has others I prefer, as do other brands), I think it's one of those reds that isn't too flashy/dark and would easily work on anyone. It's a "safe" red, if that makes any sense! I like it and I will definitely keep it in my collection. The formula was great (no streaking!) and dried very shiny (I still like a topcoat to protect my mani).

You can purchase this directly from Julep. While Sephora does not have this particular shade, they do carry other Julep colours.

I purchased this myself.


  1. This is def my fave red, so easily to apply!

    1. It's one of those staples that everyone should have! :)