Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Indigo Bananas - Moonlight (Clair De Lune)

It's commonly known that once you venture into the world of indie polishes, there's no looking back. For those who are new to this, indie=independent polish makers -- (mainly) women who make professional-quality polishes in their homes and sell them online. Some are better than others, of course. Some are short-lived, others are desperately in demand. But you can find some of the most stunning polishes in the world if you look at indies. Of course, you can only purchase them online. You won't find them in your local drug store or chain stores. They are often mixed in small batches and limited edition. They tend to be priced a bit higher for a lot of reasons (quality of ingredients, cost of ingredients, the makers time, etc). Most of them are 3-/5-free (free of carcinogenic chemicals) & are not tested on animals. Shipping varies. But it is ABSOLUTELY worth it!

Today I'm showing you a polish from a maker I found on Etsy called Indigo Bananas. I'm not even sure how I found her Etsy page. I think I just searched "nail polish" and hers came up in the search. I fell in love! I ordered 4 mini polishes (5ml as opposed to the standard "full size" of 15ml) to test them out. This one is called "Moonlight (Clair De Lune)".

I LOVE glitter polish -- but this one is totally different from others I have seen. It is a silver flakie glitter! For those of you who are new to polish definitions… regular glitter is often circular and uniform in size. Polish makers recently have mixed it up with "hex" (hexagonal) glitter, square glitter, holographic (reflects rainbows), reflective curl (where the glitter piece is flat but how the light reflects off of it makes it look like it's curling), etc. "Flakies" are a type of glitter that is irregular in size, usually is more iridescent and clear or tinted. This is the first time I've seen a metallic flakie! There are also bits of purple and holographic glitter embedded in the polish. It's so beautiful!

I took a million pictures in different lighting trying to capture it's crazy sparkle. I used a base of Nail Pattern Boldness' Glitter A-Peel (more on this later) and 3 coats of polish followed by Seche Vite topcoat. The macro shot makes it look like an incomplete full-coverage glitter, but just looking at it, it definitely looks full coverage with the 3 coats I did. I felt like I had disco ball nails, so glittery!

Under my LED desk lamp.

Indoors, natural light near windows.

Outside but not in the sun, just bright.

Under the crazy halogen lights near the elevators on my floor.

Outside in the sun (though the clouds were trying to hide it. Grr).

Macro shot (under LED light), you can see the purple bits and the silver flakie shapes. :)

Overall, I LOVE this polish!! She has another one, a rose gold flakie called "A Star To Sail By" that I also bought but have yet to try.

Taking it off. *sigh* I knew this would be a bugger. Glitter polishes are a pain to remove. I bought some Glitter A-Peel a while ago from Nail Pattern Boldness (also on Etsy) but hadn't tried it yet. I thought it would be perfect for this. I thought the polish would kinda peel off in one big sheet. Nope. One good thing is it's a good base coat. I had this mani on for 2 days and did dishes, showered, went shopping, etc. and it didn't chip at all. Not even close. But once I decided to peel it off, it took about an hour (I did it while watching "Romance & Cigarettes" - a good, albeit weird, movie). And it didn't come off in a nice sheet, instead I had to pick the hell out of each nail to get it off & only got small pieces and crumbs. I wasn't impressed. Using Julep's Party's Over system would have been way faster (little PVC caps that fit over the nail, you put a polish remover-soaked pad on first then let the whole thing sit for about 5-10 minutes). The only good part is that Glitter A-Peel didn't damage my nails at all (unlike when you pick/peel off polish using a normal base coat, it takes a layer of nail with it). My nails underneath look awesome! I just didn't like how long it took and all the picking was making me nutty. I STILL have some residual glitter. But better on my cuticles and nails than acetone, that's for sure. I refuse to do the "Glue Method", the idea of putting craft glue on my fingernails creeps me out. I'm an adult woman, not a kid in grade 1. But I might eventually cave, especially since my nails/cuticles are totally fried right now. :/ I will give Glitter A-Peel another shot, maybe it was just this polish or maybe the topcoat? I dunno.

I purchased this polish from Indigo Bananas on Etsy and I purchased Glitter A-Peel from Nail Pattern Boldness on Etsy.

I will probably do a separate post about buying indie polishes (tips and such). :)

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