Monday, May 12, 2014

Girly Bits - Sailor's Delight!

On Monday's we wear orange. Ok. Not the same as the Wednesday/pink thing but I rarely wear orange. It's just hard to find an orange that works for me. But I'm trying to expand beyond my usual red/purple range and use my untrieds. I bought Girly Bits "Sailor's Delight" a while back because… well… it's so damn pretty in the bottle! But I haven't used it yet because it's orange and I'm always scared it will look weird on me (because I'm so pale and warmer colours don't really work). Girly Bits describes this shade as "a deep red-orange jelly with incredible gold micro-glitter that sparkles like mad!!". I would have to agree! I own many polishes by Girly Bits and ALL of them are incredibly beautiful. If you're looking for a new indie brand and haven't tried her polishes, I highly recommend!

Girly Bits Cosmetics is also located in Southern Ontario (Canada) very near to where I grew up so I'm kind of proud of that fact -- it's always nice when local peeps are successful and create awesome things. :)
The formula is super smooth, applies easily and dries quickly (but not too quickly!). Because it's a jelly you can see the gold micro glitter through the layers and that adds a lot of depth. I hesitated on adding an orange cream base under and opted to just layer up this shade alone. It is somewhat sheer though. I did 3 coats plus Seche Vite topcoat for these photos. I was going to do a 4th coat of polish just to give more coverage against the nail line but I don't like it when my polish looks to thick so I kept with the 3.

Under my LED desk lamp, hard to see the micro glitter.

Indoors/daylight near the windows.

Outside in bright daylight (but not direct sun).

Tricky macro shot. I tried it indoors but it wasn't looking right. This one was taken outside but the light was behind me so you see the camera shadow. I'm still learning, forgive me! But you can really see the gold micro glitter in this one! :)

I purchased this myself directly from Girly Bits Cosmetics but other retailers carry her products such as Harlow & Co (in Canada) and Llarowe (in the US).


  1. It's beautiful on you Tina! I am the same way with oranges. I like bright neons, and cooler red leaning oranges. Oddly I don't wear much red at all. I am glad you are enjoying it. This is among the first polishes I ever made, way back in 2011.

  2. I really do love it! One of those polishes that make you keep peeking at your nails. ;)

  3. Beautiful photos! Especially that macro. I've always stayed away from oranges, yellows and greens, myself, but I threw all that out the window when I found Girly Bits. Some of my first purchases from GB were Sailor's Delight, Banana Hammock and Glo Worm, they are so beautiful.