Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Color Club - Ulterior Motive

This is not a polish colour I would ever randomly pick. That sounds mean but in the bottle it's just kinda "meh". I was feeling kinda "hot summer" and craving something bright. I made myself skip Llarowe's summer CBL restock/pre-order thingy so wanted to "use what I have" and stop pouting. I picked this randomly and put it on before I could rethink it. I'm SO glad I did! Wowza! I love it!

I bought this a few weeks ago as part of a random Color Club set at Marshalls (all the polishes were from different collections). I looked it up and this shade is from the Alter Ego 2011 (spring?) collection. It's kind of a bright magenta/purple jelly with blue, pink, purple micro glitter. One of those ones that looks weird in the bottle but amazing on the nail. SO glad I have this. I'm not usually a "brights" person but I'm not kidding, I really love it!

I used 3 coats of polish and one of topcoat. I could've gone for 4 coats for opacity but 3 was pushing it. This would look awesome over black or a matching undie. The formula was a dream, no goopy jelly here!

Under LED desk lamp.

LED macro.

Indoors, bright daylight (no direct sun) near the windows.

Outside, bright daylight (no direct sun). This picture shows the colour truest, I think.

Outside, direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight macro.

Direct sun, so pretty!

In the bottle it kinda looks like other polishes I have so I pulled some swatch sticks and compared.
(L-R: Quo by Orly "Purple Magic", Color Club "Ulterior Motive", Julep "Monica")
Oddly, in real life it looked closest to Monica in the bottle. The Quo/Orly one had chunks of glitter in it and wasn't as similar. The Julep one is actually more pink (less purple/magenta) and has chunks of regular, almost flakie iridescent glitter in it where the Color Club one is just microglitter.

Under LED desk lamp.

Color Club "Ulterior Motive" & Julep's Monica. Both are pretty but totally different, imo.

This morning (I did this mani yesterday) I decided to play around with adding topcoats to this mani. Kinda messy, I was just playing around to see what it would look like.
For my left hand (below) I put Enchanted Polish "Ice Castle" on index and ring fingers and "Djinn…" on middle and pinky fingers.
This pic is in daylight, near windows (but no direct sun).

For my right (non-swatch hand! OMG!) I used:
* index finger: Dior's "Perlé"
* middle finger: Serum No 5's "Pretty in Pastel"
* ring finger: Girly Bits' "Cosmic Ocean"
* pinky finger: Serum No 5 "Shrinking Violet"

As mentioned, I purchased this (& all the toppers) myself. You can buy Color Club polishes at SO MANY places, there's no point in listing them all here. I did check though, and Ulterior Motive IS in stock at Nail Polish Canada at the moment ($8 + free shipping in Canada!). As for all the toppers I used after the fact, I bought all of them myself. The Enchanted Polish ones I bought directly from the EP Big Cartel sight during restocks last fall (though I might have gotten Djinn from NPC). The Serum No 5 polishes I bought from Harlow & Co. The Dior I bought from the Dior counter at Holt Renfrew. The Girly Bits I bought directly from the Girly Bits website.

Either way, this is a crazy pretty polish. Funny how some of them look "meh" in the bottle & mindblowingly awesome on the nail! I'm definitely going to use this one again, probably wear it all summer! 

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