Thursday, May 01, 2014

Cirque Heritage Collection - Xochitl

Next up in the Cirque Heritage collection is Xochitl. At first glance it looks like an average pretty purple -- I'm always drawn to purple so this works for me. :) Once you apply it though, you really see the beauty of this shade. Both scattered and linear holo are evident (though not a strong linear, soft and pretty), but also flashes of pink and blue. It's really quite stunning! Unfortunately there is no sun here today (in fact, it's supposed to rain for the next week almost *boo*). I took photos under different lighting conditions so you can see how gorgeous it is. The formula is very smooth, applies well and dries quickly. I would use a topcoat as this polish dries kind of flat and you wouldn't really see the holo/sparkle/shimmer without a good shiny topcoat. I used 2 coats of polish and used Seche Vite topcoat. I used HK Girl on the previous 2 manis and as much as I want to love it, it just doesn't compare to my Seche Vite! Of course, it is not a 3-free brand so it's really an individual preference. Cirque polish IS 3-free, just to be clear. Anyway, onto the photos!

This first one I took at my desk under an LED lamp.

The next one was taken in daylight (cloudy) by the windows.

The final photo was taken under the halogen light in my kitchen (always shows the best holo effect).

You can purchase these directly from Cirque. I purchased the collection from Nail Polish Canada. I am sure other distributors also carry this particular collection.

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