Saturday, May 03, 2014

Cirque Heritage Collection - Panacea

I was gonna wait until I swatched the remaining four polishes from the Cirque Heritage collection but once I applied Panacea I couldn't wait to share it -- it's stunning! Not a colour I would normally grab but as part of trying to use my many, many "untrieds" I created little cards with numbers corresponding to dates. If I don't know or can't decide which colour to use, I just look up the date and there's a suggestion. Today was "chartreuse". An odd nail colour but alas, I have several! It gave me an excuse to try this new one from the recent Cirque Heritage collection called "Panacea" (aka "the green one").

First of all, the formula is (as usual) awesome. Very smooth application. I used 3 coats of polish (2 seemed a bit sheer and I could still see nail line) and one of topcoat (Seche Vite). This shade is so pretty -- both scattered and soft linear holo. As "chartreuse" it is a yellow-leaning green. Perfect for spring! 

First pic was taken under my LED desk lamp.

A macro shot under LED light (I'm experimenting with a new macro lens!).

Under my halogen lights in the kitchen (brings out the holo!).

Outside, daylight -- unfortunately it's raining. Again. *sigh*.

My boyfriend was decidedly against this shade, but like most boys his favourite shade of polish on me is definitely "red". LOL. I love this colour! Perfect grassy green for spring/summer. As with the other polishes in this collection, it looks so much better on the nail than in the bottle!

I purchased this polish myself from Nail Polish Canada. You can buy them directly from Cirque and other distributors that carry their polish.


  1. So gorgeous! This colour actually screams my name. I don't own any Cirque yet, but your swatches definitely make me want this one.

    1. I have several Cirque polishes (15 maybe?) and I love all of them! The colours are unique, the formula is awesome and they wear well. They don't come out with 6000 colours every few months but seem to focus on making really good polish and interesting colours. I love the brand!

  2. I love this! It looks like such a unique and fun color!

    1. It's very unique! I made a green smoothie this morning and it's almost the exact same colour. :P Very fresh and pretty for spring!