Monday, July 27, 2015

OwlCrate Bookish Subscription Box -- Review of July's "Friendship" Box

You may have noticed that I reviewed the OwlCrate April & May box but skipped right on by the June one. Sadly, I had to skip the June box because Murphy kitty was sick and... well... I had a ginormous vet bill that took priority. EVERYTHING was put on hold in June. So yeah. You know how it goes. Life stuff. But hey, things are slowly getting back on track and now I have July's OwlCrate box to share with you. The theme is "Friendship" and this box is packed with super fun bookish and friendly finds! Shall we?

And yes, Joe wants to model the box once again...

Julep - India

So I had a rough few breathing days but now a good few so yay! back to posting!

Today's colour actually turned out to be stunning and I am so in love! Julep's "India"!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Zoya - Dillon

Wow, it's been a lax summer!
No polish posts because my nails have been totally bare. I've been struggling with a pretty fierce asthma flare up for the past few months. No idea why. It started shortly after Murphy kitty got sick and hasn't let up since. So breaking out the nail polish and polish remover isn't really high on my list of desired activities. Kinda saving it for "good days". I did this mani a few days ago but I'm posting it now. I did my nails again today but I'll post that one tomorrow. :p

I wanted something minty fresh so dug through my untried and came up with this!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Product Review: Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

This product was sent to me free in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Chick Advisor.

So this is a step away from my usual manicure posts. A few weeks ago I received this interesting item in the mail from the lovely team at Chick Advisor to give an honest review. I have never used an electronic foot file before so I was somewhat intrigued -- though a little fearful. Would it hurt?? Would it burn? Tickle? Smoke? LOL! I've included pictures of my feet before and after so if you're weird about feet pictures (some people are), you might want to skip this post!

And apologies for the delay, I received this product for review a few weeks ago but I've been sicker than sick with severe asthma and have been non-stop coughing for weeks now. I'm pretty much stuck in the house sucking on 2 kinds of inhalers and keeping my fingers crossed that I can avoid trips to the hospital. NO idea why this is happening, first time it's been this bad in 15 years -- maybe from all the stress with my cat being sick?? I have no idea. Anyway... onto the product review!

More after the jump!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Picture Polish - Watermelon

So I'm finally starting to relax after the whole sick kitty situation. Murphy came home from the vet a few weeks ago after having spent 12 days in hospital. I have been watching him like a hawk and super paranoid he was going to reblock (didn't help that as we were literally walking out the door with him the vet said she wasn't confident and felt he would reblock again very soon -- WTF?! why did she say that?! Why was she letting me bring him home!? Argh!!!). Fortunately, it's been a few weeks and he hasn't reblocked and he's doing ok. We tried to give him the prescription food but he wants nothing to do with it. He did like *one* of the brands but then promptly started itching all over like he had fleas or something so I threw it away (plus the ingredients are CRAP -- full of by-products and fillers, ew). I went back to his old canned food (Wellness), adding water to it and NO dry food. He's pretty happy with that, though we're still working out a feeding schedule that makes him happy. 

We also tried one of those Feliway plug-in thingies to keep the kitty fights down. I had it plugged in for 3 weeks. This is where it gets weird. Around the same time we got it I developed a cough. I assumed the kitty stress and my not eating much resulted in me picking up a cold or something since it seemed like everyone was sick. I normally have a VERY strong immune system (after working as a nurse in critical care, I never get sick!) so I thought it was weird but whatever. I had no other symptoms, just this stupid tickle cough -- but sometimes it would be really, really bad and hard to breathe. It wasn't getting better over the 3 weeks and I was confused about why I couldn't seem to shake it. Then I realized, it is the stupid Feliway plug-in! I'm one of those people who are sensitive to EVERYTHING. So yeah, even though it's supposed to be 100% safe for people, we unplugged it and my cough is going away. :/ It's still there a bit though, I think I have to wash down the area around where it was plugged in with soapy water since it leaves this oily residue. 

Anyway, kitty is home and doing better and I'm slowly getting back to normal! I did my nails today for the first time in forever and was inspired by a recent indulgence in one of my fav summer foods -- watermelon!! <3

Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Polish!

Oooh! This is a good one, I promise! ;)

But I'm going to hide it because it hasn't gotten around to all the ladies in our group yet!